New York Times Crossword Answers April 30, 2021

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Author: Kate Hawkins
Editor: Will Shortz


Mason jar, in a pinch VASE
Brogues, e.g. DRESSSHOES
Corp. debuts IPOS
It often includes Fox, but not Fox News BASICCABLE
One who might reply to "Thank you" with "No wukkas" AUSTRALIAN
Name invoked when reciting the shahada ALLAH
Certain peaceful protest LIEIN
Redundant word before "result" END
Going over the head of LOSTON
Dot on a timeline EVENT
Ones getting you down? GEESE
"Ah, yes …" ISEENOW
R&B/jazz artist Booze who sang "See See Rider Blues" BEA
Crushes, e.g. SODAS
Experimental delivery option DRONE
Response of modesty ITRY
___ the bud NIPIN
Comportment MIEN
Something built with curls, informally BICEP
Top-flight destination ATTIC
Gone unused SAT
Bike brand SCHWINN
Receive GREET
Cheer made with beer SKOAL
Appropriate name for that woman's husband? HERMAN
Internet ___ ERA
Bitter ACRID
Muse of lyric poetry ERATO
Sign before merging LANECLOSED
Related AKIN
Secondary gig SIDEHUSTLE
Captain who says "I am not what you call a civilized man!" NEMO
"Who's got an idea?" ANYGUESSES
Chile's Nevado ___ Cruces National Park TRES


Life-sustaining VITAL
Look inward SOULSEARCH
Biltmore or Hearst Castle ESTATE
Corporate alias abbr. DBA
One of the Castros RAUL
Davis of "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" ESSIE
Part of an OSHA inspection SITEVISIT
Uses a crystal ball SCRIES
Like books for Project Gutenberg SCANNED
"Open the pod bay doors, ___" (classic movie line) HAL
Award typically presented in Manhattan's Webster Hall OBIE
Bad button to hit by accident SEND
Farm animal, in farm-speak HOSS
Element of show business? NEON
Normal length of a pregnancy TERM
New Year's Eve handout NOISEMAKER
Cry to an unruly crowd near an entrance ONEATATIME
Took a turn WENT
What babies and marathoners both use BIBS
She played Dorothy Gale in "The Wiz" (1978) DIANAROSS
Address abbr. APT
Ornamental trees YEWS
"The time is ___" NIGH
Electricity-shooting Pokémon PIKACHU
One of the official languages of Canada's Northwest Territories CREE
"Beats me!" NOCLUE
Off the mark ERRANT
BuzzFeed fodder LISTS
Double negatives? NONOS
Jewelry designer Peretti ELSA
It may come in buckets RAIN
___ Dwyer, role for Chris Pratt on "Parks and Recreation" ANDY
"Drop it," editorially DELE
Meas. of brain activity EEG
Start of some French surnames DES
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