New York Times Crossword Answers June 10, 2024

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Author: Kareem Ayas
Editor: Joel Fagliano


Theater backdrop SET
Regarding ASTO
Simple trade SWAP
General ___ chicken TSOS
Irksome, like a fly PESKY
"Therefore …" ERGO
Gemstone with a "fire" variety OPAL
Theater centerpiece STAGE
Where the rubber meets the road? TIRE
Like much '90s music and video games ONDISC
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Put (down) SET
Cleaning implement for bunnies? DUSTMOP
Significant OFNOTE
Like feet after a race, perhaps SORE
Grooming option for a pampered pooch DOGSPA
Prepare, as the dinner table SET
Draft beer receptacles KEGS
Detox centers REHABS
Banish EXILE
Written in stone SET
Soup server's spoon LADLE
Alert about a crime, say TIPOFF
Surf's partner on a menu TURF
Unit for a comedian or musician SET
Mushroom's reproductive cells SPORES
___ and switch BAIT
Put into a Word document, say TYPEUP
Cheat sheet info ANSWERS
Like hard plaster SET
Home of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil EDEN
Contribute a little CHIPIN
Years, in Portuguese ANOS
Overflowing (with) AWASH
Make over REDO
Colorful slushy drink ICEE
Rhyme for "Chevy" in Don McLean's "American Pie" LEVEE
Painful toy to step on LEGO
In case LEST
Counterparts of dahs DITS
Guinness world record holder for "English word with the most meanings" SET


Got up STOOD
College sports channel ESPNU
Frogs' wartier cousins TOADS
H.S. test result that can translate into college credit APSCORE
Part of a tennis match SET
Bygone Russian ruler TSAR
"All right, that's fine" OKGOOD
Sink, as the sun SET
Cushions in front of a computer keyboard WRISTPADS
Pleasant and accommodating AGREEABLE
Philip Larkin or Patricia Lockwood POET
Vent openings SLITS
Strongly desire YENFOR
Like areas where cigarettes are not permitted SMOKEFREE
Striped swimmer named for a heavenly being ANGELFISH
Things to hang one's hat on PEGS
Agcy. that monitors workplace hazards OSHA
Mathematical grouping using curly brackets SET
You might stand on them to reach something TIPPYTOES
Having everything one needs SET
Volleyball move before a spike SET
"Bunny ear" made while tying a shoelace LOOP
Deep brass instrument TUBA
Like England between the ninth and 15th centuries FEUDAL
Cattle farms RANCHES
Shot out, as lava SPEWED
Spin around TWIRL
Fencing swords EPEES
Mountain spine RIDGE
Stuck-up sort SNOOT
Mast attachment SAIL
Blue race in "Avatar" NAVI
Complete collection SET
Adjust, as a watch SET
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