New York Times Crossword Answers June 11, 2024

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Author: Chloe Revery
Editor: Joel Fagliano


Trunk appendage LIMB
Schleps LUGS
Goes clubbing? GOLFS
Danish shoe brand ECCO
Up to the task ABLE
Poet Frank who led the 1950's-'60s "New York School" OHARA
*Crazy for GAGAABOUT
Stringed Indian instrument SITAR
Camera type, for short SLR
End of the earth POLE
Verbal equivalent of tomato-throwing BOOING
*Title role for Lee Marvin in a 1962 western LIBERTYVALANCE
Trees that produce moth-repelling oil CEDARS
Aware of, as a plot INON
Increase ADDTO
Exec's helper: Abbr. ASST
Cutting onomatopoeia SNIP
Goose egg NIL
*Get seriously fortunate LUCKOUT
Gold, in Galicia ORO
Pedometer unit STEP
Bring up REAR
"Gimme five!" UPTOP
Word with history or exam ORAL
Nuts for a squirrel ACORNS
*Meteorological description in a Beatles song MARMALADESKIES
Changes with the times, say ADAPTS
Leaves might get stuck in its teeth RAKE
Not very bright DIM
"Impression, Sunrise" painter MONET
Title for Jackie or Jill, and a hint to the answers to the starred clues FIRSTLADY
Oven setting that can be "Hi" or "Lo" BROIL
Not buy, perhaps RENT
"You said it!" AMEN
Proulx who wrote "Brokeback Mountain" ANNIE
Just about ORSO
Site for a cliff dwelling MESA


Arachnid's octet LEGS
"Told you so!" ICALLEDIT
Popular fast-food breakfast sandwich MCGRIDDLE
Accessory for a flapper costume BOA
Grinds away LABORS
Fastener used in securing pipes UBOLT
Sticky GLUEY
"I'm all ___" SET
Emulate Paul Simon in 1972 or Harry Styles in 2017 GOSOLO
Buckeyes OHIOANS
Language of much legalese LATIN
Currency of Switzerland FRANC
Military address? SARGE
Red alcohol in a spritz APEROL
___ knots (hairstyle) BANTU
Dracula's alternate form BAT
Sun blocker VISOR
Sends packing CANS
Train line between Boston and D.C. ACELA
Jamaican music genre SKA
Noted example of French Gothic architecture NOTREDAME
Nickname for Oliver Cromwell IRONSIDES
Goes like a weasel? POPS
Range that separates Europe and Asia URALS
Trumpet flourish TUCKET
Unfortunate neighbor of Mount Vesuvius POMPEII
Pounded taro dish POI
Maraca, e.g. RATTLE
Invites along for ASKSTO
Deadly African snake MAMBA
Festoon ADORN
Rambled RANON
Less interesting DRIER
Deserves EARNS
Talkative bird MYNA
Curly hairstyle, for short FRO
Hasty escape LAM
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