USA Today Crossword Answers June 10, 2024

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Author: by Tracy Gray


Part of a Venetian blind SLAT
“Yellowjackets” channel, for short SHO
Cuts up CHOPS
Mound of raked leaves PILE
Rotate SPIN
Large artery carrying oxygenated blood AORTA
Shade similar to teal AQUA
Opera and origami, for two ARTS
Pet’s reward TREAT
Events to move secondhand goods RUMMAGESALES
Do something immoral SIN
“___ only as directed” USE
Lightning bug FIREFLY
Forceful order EDICT
Uses a QR code reader on SCANS
All-vowels promissory note IOU
ISP marketed by Yahoo! Inc. AOL
“Come as you ___!” ARE
Sound at a salon SNIP
Wastes one’s time and effort RUNSINCIRCLES
Powerlifter’s units REPS
Part of a lacrosse goal NET
That woman SHE
Animal hospital doc VET
Jazz drummer Nash LEWIS
Beat by a small margin EDGED
“Taste the Rainbow” and “Just Do It,” e.g. SLOGANS
“SEP” or “SIMPLE” savings plan IRA
Futbol fan’s cheer OLE
Yellowish-brown fruits in an orchard RUSSETAPPLES
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Multivitamin mineral IRON
Home that’s all abuzz HIVE
Material that shouldn’t get wet SUEDE
Like newly Botoxed skin TAUT
“Happily ___ after” EVER
Kermit the Frog’s color GREEN
Numerical guess (Abbr.) EST
Attended WENT


Like melted ice LIQUID
Targets of some donation drives ALUMNI
Orioles, Cardinals or Blue Jays TEAM
Shop-’til-you-drop outings SPREES
Broadway smashes HITS
Enjoying wildlife in Africa, say ONSAFARI
Provides food for an event CATERS
Animal that says “neigh” HORSE
Mined rock ORE
Org. sponsoring school fundraisers PTA
Rested in lotus pose SAT
Sinks under pressure SAGS
One-___ (short jokes) LINERS
“Works for me!” FINE
“The Giver” author Lowry LOIS
Slangy affirmative YUP
Cat food containers CANS
Spiny southwest plants CACTI
Bedsheets, etc. LINENS
Skeleton racer’s vehicle SLED
Instagram video clip REEL
___-the-minute UPTO
Webpage with headlines NEWSSITE
At a bargain-basement price CHEAP
Motor homes, e.g. RVS
Actress Tom LAUREN
Not participate SITOUT
Start streaming GOLIVE
Baker’s dozen minus two ELEVEN
Turn your back on DESERT
A+ or D- GRADE
Sound off RANT
Timeline chunks ERAS
“That was close!” PHEW
Additive in instant ramen MSG
Possessive pronoun OUR
“Squid Game” actress Yoo-mi LEE
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