New York Times Crossword Answers May 05, 2022

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Author: Adam Wagner
Editor: Will Shortz


Little 19-Across FIB
Units on Czech checks KORUNAS
Student-led LGBTQ+ grp. GSA
"Just as I suspected!" AHA
Common recipe step ADDSALT
What psychotherapy can treat, in brief OCD
Someone well versed in this puzzle's theme MATHTEACHER
Many people do this about their height LIE
Opining opening IDSAY
James of "Carpool Karaoke" fame CORDEN
Turn on the stove? STIR
"The wait's almost over" SOON
Hammer part PEEN
Sugar HON
When preceded by [the circled letters], natural shape said to be seen in 61-Across and 27-Down SPIRAL
First word of Poe's "The Raven" ONCE
King of ancient Rome REX
Pupil of a cat's eye, often SLIT
___ jacket (formal men's wear) ETON
Duke's grp. ACC
Much-desired DEAR
Uses psychedelics TRIPS
Terence ___, noted expert on combinatorics and analytic number theory TAO
Lid seen in a kitchen? TOQUE
Polynesian performance HULA
Foolish person SIMP
Slip past ELUDE
Prefix with glottis EPI
Some convertible choices TTOPS
John of "Monty Python" fame CLEESE
Source of much early immigration to the U.S.: Abbr. EUR
When doubled, not-so-subtle nudge HINT
Judgment days? TRIALDATES
They seem to believe otherwise SECT
Classic van Gogh subject SUNFLOWERS
"What'd I tell you?!" SEE
A bygone age YESTERYEAR


"You gave me no choice" IHADTO
Brings home BATSIN
Perry who used to have the world's most-followed Twitter account KATY
Written honor ODE
Nutritional fig. RDA
Where second gentleman Doug Emhoff got his J.D. USC
"Pass" NAH
"Smart" name ALEC
Razor sharpener STROP
Numerical constant associated with [the circled letters] GOLDENRATIO
Summer learning opportunity for students SCIENCECAMP
Mideast's Gulf of ___ ADEN
When doubled, sarcastic laugh HAR
___ Speedwagon REO
Dilemma SPOT
Word with snake or salad OIL
Diner cry after a bell is rung ORDERUP
Certain cephalopods NAUTILI
Some shindigs SOIREES
Parkinson's treatment LDOPA
Many security guards EXCOPS
___ Colvin, civil rights pioneer who refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus nine months before Rosa Parks CLAUDETTE
Nav. rank ENS
When preceded by [the circled letters], progression starting with 0 and 1 SEQUENCE
Warehouse store equipment DOLLIES
An alternative? THE
Computer pros TECHS
Like some horse bedding STRAWY
Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth TUDOR
Crafts site ETSY
Fanning of film ELLE
Regret RUE
They might help you get a job INS
Sternward AFT
Propper noun? TEE
Bygone ___ ERA
Kazakhstan, e.g., formerly: Abbr. SSR
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