USA Today Crossword Answers May 04, 2022

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Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings, for “For Colored Nerds” HOSTS
Limbs bared by a halter dress ARMS
Quinoa or rice CARB
To no ___ (in vain) AVAIL
Cha chaan teng offering MEAL
Like stories during the Viking Age ORAL
Cartoon character with a red bow on her left ear HELLOKITTY
Middle of an apple CORE
“___ you listening?” ARE
Prefix smaller than “tera” GIGA
Sign of things to come OMEN
Part of a baby grand PIANOKEYBOARD
Fenty or Uniqlo BRAND
French bottled water brand EVIAN
National color of Nepal CRIMSON
Fish in hitsumabushi EEL
“So exciting!!!” AHH
Pen company BIC
Ace Attorney character Maya FEY
WNBA great Lisa LESLIE
Unbelievable bargain STEAL
Cricket-eating amphibian TOAD
Shopping bag type TOTE
The “L” in LA Galaxy LOS
Raises UPS
Lo-___ graphics RES
Game with a Bowser’s Castle course MARIOKART
___ California Sur BAJA
“Regrettably . . .” ALAS
“This pho is great!” YUM
Signing incentive BONUS
After-dinner fresheners MINTS
“Oh really?” NOKIDDING
Outraged feeling ANGER
Clio Award candidate TVAD
Fraudulent scheme SCAM
Fortunetellers SEERS
Complete collections SETS
___ boost EGO


“Very funny!” HAHA
Head ___ heels OVER
Discounted figure SALEPRICE
“Don’t open ___ Xmas” TIL
Commercial catchphrases SLOGANS
Director’s second try RETAKE
Doorstep covering MAT
Wily SLY
Case spun by a silkworm COCOON
Not found as often RARER
Mix of spices BLEND
Somewhat KINDOF
Helen Reddy’s “___ Woman” IAM
Day before a holiday EVE
Gives up the right of way YIELDS
Hayloft bundle BALE
Many a University of London student BRIT
“The Price Is Right” channel CBS
Trapeze artist’s safeguard NET
Drink made from a succulent ALOEJUICE
Runs into unexpected trouble HITSASNAG
Giggle syllable HEE
Board game player’s prompting YOURMOVE
Pieces of hair STRANDS
VIP room guest ALISTER
Bathroom, to Aussies LOO
Like the name Parker for a valet APT
Paraglider’s place SKY
Mothers MAMAS
Flared skirt type ALINE
Place to practice a golf swing RANGE
Cousins’ mothers AUNTS
Physique, for short BOD
Auction actions BIDS
Twelfth graders (Abbr.) SRS
Kit ___ bar KAT
Its G stands for “genetically” GMO
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