New York Times Crossword Answers May 14, 2024

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Author: Alex Eaton-Salners
Editor: Joel Fagliano


Wafting smells AROMAS
Colorful play area at a family fun center BALLPIT
Headwear for lesser royalty CORONET
Appliance with buttons like "Bagel" and "Frozen" TOASTER
Cat breed with blue eyes SIAMESE
Okay boomer? TNT
Butterfly relative MOTH
Hero's virtue VALOR
Additive that imparts umami, in brief MSG
Result of a lack of focus BLUR
Lead-in to some unsolicited advice IFIMAY
Gets value from USES
Some ward workers, for short MDS
Military technology that's a source of stress for whales SONAR
Looking to mate, as a cat INHEAT
CD selection TRACK
Reggae relative SKA
Led Zeppelin's "Whole ___ Love" LOTTA
Ideological split SCHISM
Wafting smells ODORS
Star pitcher ACE
"Fiddlesticks!" is a mild one OATH
Irreversibly committed INDEEP
Pub regular BARFLY
Man-eating monster OGRE
"___ Misérables" LES
Declare legally void ANNUL
"Slaughterhouse-Five" setting, in brief WWII
Foldable bed COT
No-win situation? TIEGAME
Wharton or Sloan, informally BSCHOOL
Made certain ENSURED
"Cheer up!" BEHAPPY
Strongly dislikes DETESTS
Credit ___ (bank headquartered in Zürich) SUISSE


Play a role ACT
Supports from the stands ROOTSFOR
Fizzy citrus drink ORANGINA
More than some MOST
Six-legged scurrier ANT
In good taste SEEMLY
Outback terrain BUSH
DiFranco with a Broadway stint as Persephone in "Hadestown" ANI
Himalayan holy figures LAMAS
Early round in a competition, informally PRELIM
"Strangely enough …" ITSODD
"___ no place like home" THERES
Drop ___ (moon someone) TROU
Traveling fashion sale featuring the work of a specific designer TRUNKSHOW
Fine rain MIST
Neckwear for noisy dogs BARKCOLLARS
Hum bug? BEE
Apple Store purchases MACS
"You sure?" ISIT
Younger Flanders boy on "The Simpsons" TODD
Simple figure skating jumps TOELOOPS
Common spots for eagles' nests … or a hint to 2-, 9-, 21- and 24-Down TREETOPS
Egyptian vipers ASPS
What's needed to make bale? HAY
Grew less intense ABATED
Incisor's neighbor CANINE
Writer Hemingway ERNEST
Floral subject for van Gogh IRISES
Bach's "Toccata and ___ in D Minor" FUGUE
Surname of musical brothers Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy GIBB
Ties the knot WEDS
Spiced brew CHAI
Queens ballplayer MET
Jon M. ___, director of "Crazy Rich Asians" CHU
Caustic solution LYE
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