USA Today Crossword Answers May 13, 2024

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Author: by Jasmeet Arora


Hairstyle that might hold a pick AFRO
Collections of reps SETS
___ up (quickly prepare) WHIP
Gullible, maybe NAIVE
Strong request PLEA
Sweater material WOOL
Wide variety ARRAY
Pig sound OINK
Southern chef Lewis EDNA
Significant events MILESTONES
Negroni ingredient GIN
Salty or sweet, for example TASTE
Safely remove, like a USB drive EJECT
Like a makeup brush used for contouring ANGLED
Soak, like a tea bag STEEP
Sensitive spots SORES
Boston’s state, for short MASS
Draped Roman garment TOGA
“Can we move a little faster?” IDONTHAVEALLDAY
Fight FEUD
Fencing sword EPEE
Apex predator of the avian world EAGLE
Oyster gem PEARL
Donut-shaped breakfast rolls BAGELS
Type of close-up photography MACRO
Sends out EMITS
Grayish hue ASH
Circle with many hues COLORWHEEL
“Yes, ___!” MAAM
High-fat diet KETO
Santa’s helpers ELVES
Up the ___ ANTE
Profit GAIN
Icy precipitation SLEET
Pageant accessory SASH
Not on OFF
Biblical boats ARKS


“Love, Victor” actress Ortiz ANA
Place to grow crops FARM
Artist with the album “Anti,” to fans RIRI
Shape of a cricket field OVAL
George ___ (Mary Ann Evans’ pen name) ELIOT
Nashville’s state TENNESSEE
Drink served at an izakaya SAKE
Org. with the wrestler Zelina Vega WWE
Jumbled assortment HODGEPODGE
Kind of bond or column IONIC
Peperomia or fern, e.g. PLANT
Exam that might lead to glasses or contacts EYETEST
Down in the dumps SAD
“Wait Til You ___ My Smile” (Alicia Keys song) SEE
Sleepiness from traveling JETLAG
“Yeah, right!” ASIF
Graph vertex NODE
Many WhatsApp conversations GROUPCHATS
Loan provider LENDER
Airport security org. TSA
Canadian symbol MAPLELEAF
Fifth ___ (shopping street in NYC) AVE
Audacity GALL
“Yes” votes AYES
“___ Body and Other Parties” (Carmen Maria Machado book) HER
Dog walkers’ needs LEASHES
NYC congresswoman, familiarly AOC
“Oh, also,” in a text BTW
Some parenting pairs MAMAS
Yoga pose ASANA
Recurring theme MOTIF
Its symbol is “Fe” IRON
Band that featured a Rube Goldberg machine in a music video OKGO
“She” in Spanish ELLA
“Never Have I ___” (show starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) EVER
Scallionlike veggie LEEK
So-so MEH
Roads, for short STS
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