New York Times Crossword Answers May 15, 2024

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Author: MaryEllen Uthlaut
Editor: Joel Fagliano


Befitting the circumstances APT
"Belling the Cat" storyteller AESOP
Bing Crosby's record label DECCA
Bovine expression MOO
"Borat" follow-up from Sacha Baron Cohen BRUNO
Belief system ETHOS
Buzzer you wouldn't want to hit? BUMBLEBEE
Budweiser beer is aged using this wood BEECH
Break up, as a knot UNTIE
Barrier for an aspiring D.A. LSAT
Biathlete's need SKI
Byron, by ancestry SCOT
Breast milk container BABYBOTTLE
Bottom of a dress HEM
Beatles hit "And I Love ___" HER
Beldames CRONES
Big name in D.C. KAMALA
Burst, as of wind GUST
Brewer's implement BASEBALLBAT
Bad-tempered sort CRAB
Blasphemes SWEARS
Bacterium requiring oxygen AEROBE
"Born in the ___" (Bruce Springsteen hit) USA
Block, in a way BAR
Blissful soak BUBBLEBATH
Blind, to a duck RUSE
Benedict follower? INE
By the 1980s, this sea had become two lakes ARAL
"Behold, the kingdom of God is in the ___ of you": Luke MIDST
Battery type NICAD
"Best wishes for your once-a-year celebration!" (and a wish for solvers of this puzzle) HAPPYBDAY
Bach exercise ETUDE
Buy a drink for, say TREAT
Body part with a ball and socket HIP
Brims (with) TEEMS
Break into pieces SMASH
Barley brew ALE


Blindside, say AMBUSH
Big cats and opportunists both do this POUNCE
Basic drum TOMTOM
Blessed with skills ABLE
Before, in verse ERE
Benchwarmer SUB
Box of spaghetti's weight: Abbr. ONELB
Burns books? POESY
Bondservant, often DEBTOR
Bordeaux summer ETE
Brownish-red shade CHESTNUT
Bivalve mollusks COCKLES
Beyond the pale? ASHIEST
Bridle attachment BIT
"Bachelor in Paradise" network ABC
Bieber's "That Should ___" BEME
Bedouins, e.g. ARABS
"Ben-Hur" getups TOGAS
Bears, as a child HAS
Beef on a skewer, e.g. KABOB
"Buckle up! It's the ___" LAW
Bering Sea islander ALEUT
Backyard get-together BARBECUE
Bind with rope LASH
Bali product BRA
Biden's advisers CABINET
Bring back together REUNITE
Business ends of swords BLADES
Bard's "always" EER
Bo tree meditator BUDDHA
Bang out again, as a text RETYPE
Bangkok coins BAHTS
Burglar deterrent ALARM
Bone in a cage RIB
Belief that bulls hate the color red, e.g. MYTH
Byrd's rank: Abbr. ADM
Black-eyed ___ PEA
Ballet step PAS
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