New York Times Crossword Answers November 15, 2023

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Author: Gary Larson
Editor: Will Shortz


Half of an orange? RED
Stand of trees GROVE
Nourished FED
Dedicated work ODE
Got on a soapbox, say ORATED
"It's ___-brainer" ANO
Bad thing to burst DAM
Obnoxious houseguest? STAYINGPUTZ
"Already?" SOSOON
Marble made of metal STEELIE
Not a fan of postmillennials? ANTIGENZ
Brief brouhaha SETTO
Tournament placement SEED
Coyote sounds YIPS
Introspective subject SELF
Passionate ARDENT
On the light side PALE
Rapper Mos ___ DEF
Bit of water splashed on a ship's front? BOWSPRITZ
Pioneering Dadaist ARP
Baptism, e.g. RITE
Roasting platforms DAISES
Told tales LIED
Syrian's northern neighbor TURK
Showed up CAME
North Africa's ___ Mountains ATLAS
Cap worn at a Shriners Christmas party? SANTAFEZ
Slicker topper RAINHAT
Go on and on YAMMER
Making fun of Beyoncé's beau? MOCKINGJAYZ
Show ___ BIZ
Historical period ERA
Some barbecue fare STEAKS
Summer in la cité ETE
Apt name for a sensei DAN
Management positions HELMS
One-to-one, e.g. TIE


Reel attachment ROD
Actor in "Elf" and "Up" EDASNER
Taken down a notch DEMOTED
Kind of knot GRANNY
Bit of light RAY
Handle that goes up and down? OTIS
Release some pressure VENT
Outer limits EDGES
Start to sleep for a while DOZEOFF
Central Plains tribe OTOE
Soak SOG
Ones showing up in the middle of supper? PEES
Song one might flip for SIDEB
Actor Butterfield of "Sex Education" ASA
Flies, maybe ZIPPERS
Course standard PAR
Lost traction SLID
Neither's partner NOR
Nincompoop TWIT
Fraternity letter ETA
"Disco" dude on "The Simpsons" STU
Brand of cold and allergy relief products ZICAM
Fearing the worst ALARMED
British singer with the hits "How We Do (Party)" and "Poison" RITAORA
Louisiana's state bird PELICAN
Sure thing, or close to it SAFEBET
Past academics EMERITI
"___ who?" SEZ
Musty DANK
Arctic skin boats KAYAKS
___ kebab SHISH
One side in a Senate vote NAYS
Tabloid news org. TMZ
Pot starter ANTE
Neutrogena shampoo line TGEL
Improvisational session JAM
Appropriate letter to end this puzzle on ZEE
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