USA Today Crossword Answers November 14, 2023

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Possible response to “Don’t panic!” IMCALM
Apple computer IMAC
Additive found in some Pringles MSG
Big commotion HOOPLA
Turnpike fee TOLL
Texter’s “I think . . .” IMO
Friend from way back OLDPAL
Keema matar veggie PEA
“No reason not to” MIGHTASWELL
___ back ribs BABY
Like the bird who gets the worm, in a saying EARLY
“___, soy Dora!” HOLA
Like the number four, in Chinese culture UNLUCKY
Bangkok residents THAIS
Privy to INON
Sheep’s sound BAA
Parcel of land LOT
Secluded spot to read NOOK
Brief and to the point TERSE
“Are you enjoying the food?” HOWISIT
Gaming console for Sea of Thieves XBOX
Droplet from an eye TEAR
Front-row ___ SEAT
Proverb that describes a fruitless task MILKINGTHEBULL
Ripped to pieces TOREUP
Simple shirt TEE
Comparable AKIN
Parties, concerts, weddings, etc. EVENTS
Run a wallet through the washing machine, say ERR
Mailed SENT
Body of water Sudan touches REDSEA


Waffle House competitor IHOP
“Star-nosed” mammal MOLE
Musical conclusion CODA
Snapchat or Subway Surfers APP
Woolly animal featured in The Sims LLAMA
Barbie ___ Dreamhouse MALIBU
Poison ivy reaction ITCH
No longer worth debating MOOT
Penne ___ vodka ALLA
Tightly bonded CLOSEKNIT
Heat ___ (“The Year Without a Santa Claus” character) MISER
Not big SMALL
“Gee whiz!” GOLLY
Radio host Calloway SWAY
OB-___ GYN
Worm on a hook, for a fish BAIT
Web designer’s language HTML
Arsenio Hall’s birth state OHIO
Save the best for ___ LAST
Sausage segments LINKS
Game with Wild Draw Four cards UNO
Mooing creature COW
Spanish for “misses” SENORITAS
Sharp part of a fence, or a fan of Nicki Minaj BARB
“In addition . . .” ALSO
Steve’s female counterpart in Minecraft ALEX
Use an oar ROW
Fish with an Asagi variety KOI
Not having a smooth surface TEXTURED
Maori dance HAKA
“. . . sorta” ISH
Balance unsteadily TEETER
Stopwatch, e.g. TIMER
Bull on a glue bottle ELMER
Opposite of below ABOVE
Tiny arachnid MITE
Zap in the microwave NUKE
Big smile GRIN
Where a camper sleeps TENT
“Telephoto” camera part LENS
Ren faire instrument LUTE
“Talk. They Hear You” ad, e.g. PSA
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