New York Times Crossword Answers November 16, 2022

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Author: John Hawksley
Editor: Will Shortz


Title for Geraint or Gawain SIR
"A Thousand ___" (1992 Pulitzer winner) ACRES
Doesn't wax WANES
Here, in Saint-Tropez ICI
Feature of many a sit-in CHANT
Paper-saving invoice EBILL
Obsession with being published … NOT a flurry of transcription errors TYPOMANIA
Term of address for a young man BUCKO
Biblical unit of weight SHEKEL
Venue with a token-based currency ARCADE
Donkey ___ KONG
Lover of teddy bears … NOT a devotee of polar regions ARCTOPHILE
"Don't reach for your wallet!" ITSONME
Staycation option SPADAY
"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" author AESOP
One crying to Mami or Papi BEBE
Fear of everything … NOT a fear of trousers PANTOPHOBIA
Common burrito topping, informally GUAC
Journalist/podcaster Rehm DIANE
Ill-advised UNWISE
Fun find for a bargain hunter SALETAG
Chews … NOT elaborates condescendingly to a female MANDUCATES
"For here" alternative TOGO
Walked in long steps STRODE
Having a metal coating PLATED
Earthy color OCHRE
Science of measurement … NOT the study of urban areas METROLOGY
Go bad SPOIL
Small box on a map INSET
"Norma ___" RAE
Like many a rom-com or maple tree SAPPY
Coin-___ (some laundromats) OPS


Para alpine sport equipment SITSKI
Balm with a paradoxical name ICYHOT
Gets ready to eat? RIPENS
Fictional manufacturer of giant rubber bands and cactus costumes ACME
Timothée of "Beautiful Boy" and "Dune" CHALAMET
Tried to get elected RAN
"Giant Brain" in 1946 news ENIAC
Button next to "Select" on old game controllers START
Google Sheets, e.g. WEBAPP
Capital near Dubai ABUDHABI
"Ooh, that could work!" NICEIDEA
Big game ELK
___-mo SLO
Indie band known for their high-concept, viral music videos OKGO
Sin Y-axis :: ___
Fix up, as a lawn RESOD
Word with chocolate or crime LAB
Peer at suspiciously EYE
Mum's mum NAN
Nail polish brand with the shade "I'm Not Really a Waitress" OPI
Step for clinical trials PHASE
Fast cash establishment PAWNSHOP
What might change your mind, in a way ACIDTRIP
Going wild ONASPREE
___-Air (upscale L.A. neighborhood) BEL
What might accompany a baseball card GUM
"De ___ Vez" (first Spanish-language single by Selena Gomez) UNA
"___ you jest!" SURELY
Green: Prefix ECO
"… and others too," more officially ETAL
"My Neighbor ___," acclaimed 1988 Japanese animated film TOTORO
A big one may be hard to overcome in a relationship AGEGAP
Resounding agreement GODYES
Accept, as a college applicant ADMIT
Itty-bitty TEENY
Concerns for property developers LOTS
Bygone spy grp. OSS
Expert in filing CPA
Syllable of disapproval TSK
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