USA Today Crossword Answers November 15, 2022

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Author: by Brooke Husic


Wi-Fi device MODEM
“Santa ___ Is Comin’ to Town” CLAUS
V-sits work them ABS
Luxury Honda brand ACURA
River mouth landform DELTA
Sugar snap vegetable PEA
Lawful evil’s opposite on an alignment chart CHAOTICGOOD
Skillet, for example PAN
In ___ times (long ago) OLDEN
Pain Awareness Month (Abbr.) SEP
Difficult HARD
Norte, sur, ___, oeste ESTE
Admired person IDOL
Steph Curry and Chelsea Gray, positionwise (Abbr.) PGS
Type of cheddar EXTRASHARP
Spoken word artist Theresa ___ S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D. THA
College sports org. NCAA
Opposite of global LOCAL
Methods WAYS
Some lab scientists TECHS
Branch of Islam SHIA
“Let me repeat . . .” ISAID
Horse’s father SIRE
B&B alternative INN
The asterisk in the German word “Freund*innen” GENDERSTAR
“Red Dust Road” author Jackie KAY
Prefix for “health” or “kinesis” TELE
Speaker type HIFI
Condition discussed on the podcast “Refocused” ADHD
By way of VIA
Nieces’ moms AUNTS
Coffee JOE
“Time’s up, test-takers!” PENCILSDOWN
Cash dispenser ATM
Consumed EATEN
They, in Spanish ELLAS
“Sure do!” YES
Shiny lip coating GLOSS
The ___-to-Montgomery marches SELMA


Love Me Lipstick brand MAC
Uno + dos + cinco OCHO
___ citizenship DUAL
Wears away ERODES
Chess game endings MATES
Let’s Stop HIV Together org. CDC
Grand pianos have three LEGS
Sunburn soother ALOE
Wakanda, for example UTOPIA
Downhearted SAD
Region where bluegrass originated APPALACHIA
Animal called “mato” in Lakota BEAR
Beach grains SAND
Very focused INTENT
Hostess snack cakes HOHOS
Surplus EXCESS
Internet connection option DSL
Stage of a 33-Down PHASE
“I’m Coming Out” and “Let It Go,” for two GAYANTHEMS
Implicit TACIT
Very enthusiastic RAHRAH
Like weather in the Amazon RAINY
Strategy PLAN
Little branch TWIG
Twenty-___ dice SIDED
Story published in installments SERIAL
Dover’s state (Abbr.) DEL
The big ___ (moment when everything is made clear) REVEAL
Combines FUSES
Bollywood icon Devgn AJAY
___ on (shower with love) DOTE
“I’ll look ___ it” INTO
Best starting hand in Texas Hold ’em ACES
Bridge fare TOLL
Used a pool SWAM
Square ___ in a round hole PEG
Social connections INS
Spy org. NSA
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