New York Times Crossword Answers November 16, 2023

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Author: Paolo Pasco
Editor: Will Shortz


Sonic boom generator? SEGA
"Curious George" channel PBS
Puts on, perhaps ADDS
Motion propellers AYES
Chris of "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" PRATT
Going rate? GAIT
N.L. East team METS
"Vive ___!" LEROI
Wishy-washy words ORSO
English rock band with a string section, for short ELO
Post-mortem exam AUTOPSY
Word before drum or trumpet EAR
Acting dangerously, like this puzzle's subject LIVINGONTHEEDGE
Forever and ever ONEND
Company with a pine tree and mountains in its logo REI
"Otello," for one OPERA
"Otello" composer VERDI
Something to believe in, informally ISM
Married a woman, archaically WIVED
Lake home to the cryptid "Bessie" ERIE
Places of respite OASES
"Hogwash!" LIES
"___ puns are a rare medium well done" (dad joke) STEAK
Super-celebrities IDOLS
"Hotel Transylvania" nickname DRAC
Kiss in Kent SNOG
R&B trio with the album "CrazySexyCool" TLC
One way for a co. to raise money IPO
"Go you!" YAY
Abbr. that completes "_ea_ _oon" TSP
Style that's long behind RATTAIL
Rapper with the 2007 hit "Lip Gloss" LILMAMA
Alphabetically first in a set of 12 APRIL
___ hijacking, another term for "typosquatting" URL
Hunt in spy films ETHAN
That's the key! ISLE
"Dominus illuminatio ___" (Oxford's motto) MEA
Prey for an arctic fox VOLE
State that's approximately trapezoidal: Abbr. NEV
Group cleared by this puzzle's subject, depicted literally BUSBUSBUS
Late start? ELL


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis single with the lyric "I can't change even if I tried" SAMELOVE
Pencils not used for writing EYELINERS
Punny advice to this puzzle's subject GETOVERIT
Jerk ASS
One of three South African capitals PRETORIA
Certain member of the House of Lords BARONESS
Rhythm-interrupting jazz technique STOPTIME
Back AGO
Description of this puzzle's subject DAREDEVIL
Is a no-body? DISAGREES
Some promotional material STOREADS
Charging station feature PLUG
"The Addams Family" nickname TISH
"___ Mack" (2010s Disney show) ANDI
Cry of pain YEOW
"That it is" INDEED
Noted feature of "The Brothers Karamazov" EPILOG
So-called "African unicorn" OKAPI
Part of Egypt that's in Asia SINAI
One of Microsoft's "core fonts" ARIAL
Creator of Sherlock Holmes DOYLE
State capital with the nickname "Arch City" COLUMBUS
Paper handed out as a matter of course? SYLLABUS
Cargo hauler TRAIN
Pasting prompt CTRLV
Lake that feeds the Truckee River TAHOE
Lilliputian SMALL
Bit of comic book art PANEL
Item missing in "business casual" TIE
Original "Are You the One?" channel MTV
"T_RN," for "No U-Turn," e.g. REBUS
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