USA Today Crossword Answers November 15, 2023

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Author: by Will Nediger


Drove over the limit SPED
Former ruler of Iran SHAH
Move smoothly GLIDE
Industry with planes and rockets AEROSPACE
Parents-to-be choose them NAMES
Regimen that might involve cleansers SKINCAREROUTINE
Dye worn at some weddings HENNA
“No ___!” (“Glad to do it!”) PROB
Demolition explosive TNT
Free-for-___ ALL
Accepting customers OPEN
Discreetly include on an email BCC
Yoga alternative PILATES
Not even ODD
“Take ___ time!” YOUR
Female horse MARE
Apia’s country SAMOA
Legendary hair-covered fish FURBEARINGTROUT
Month after March APRIL
Change direction suddenly VEER
Burrowing mammal MOLE
Lana Del ___ REY
Five-armed creature SEASTAR
Father DAD
Cherry part that some people can tie with their tongue STEM
Move up and down BOB
“___ Te Ching” TAO
Respectful term of address MAAM
Mythical spring that reverses aging FOUNTAINOFYOUTH
Onstage host EMCEE
Source of some citrus fruits LEMONTREE
John ___ (tractor maker) DEERE
Convention freebies SWAG
Sign of boredom YAWN


Accessory worn diagonally SASH
Type of toy dog, for short PEKE
“The Office” receptionist ERIN
“Hot Stuff” singer Summer DONNA
Place to get a mani-pedi SPA
Dorothy Ashby played it HARP
Maker of Aspire PCs ACER
Protagonist HERO
Wildebeest GNU
Drink with a matcha variety LATTE
“Don’t test me right now!” IMINNOMOOD
Bit of hail damage DENT
Suffix for “Taiwan” ESE
Place to apply hair oil SCALP
Double-reed woodwind OBOE
City known as the “Gastronomical Capital of the Americas” LIMA
“Over here!” PSST
Overwhelmingly BYFAR
Two-door car COUPE
Indian-inspired rice topping in Japan CURRYSAUCE
Baby bug LARVA
First zodiac sign ARIES
Core belief TENET
Childbirth expert DOULA
Went out with DATED
Baseball stat sometimes pronounced “ribeye” RBI
Part of most sofas ARM
“What ___ is new?” ELSE
Snatch GRAB
“Sex Education” star Mackey EMMA
“Dancing on My Own” singer ROBYN
Pore-shrinking product TONER
Pirate’s haul BOOTY
Weighty book TOME
Feels ill AILS
From the beginning ANEW
NYC home of “The Lovers” MOMA
Dish from a slow cooker STEW
“And ___ some!” THEN
Gave a meal to FED
Casual top TEE
Common Bay Area forecast FOG
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