New York Times Crossword Answers November 19, 2023

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Author: Rebecca Goldstein and Rachel Fabi
Editor: Will Shortz


It grows on trees BARK
Dance form featured in the documentary "Kumu Hina" HULA
If-then-___ (programming trio) ELSE
Fruit in the custard apple family PAPAW
Home to Dublin and Toledo OHIO
Ritual whose name translates to "covenant" BRIS
Locale for many cabs NAPA
Common lab culture ECOLI
Stockpile bread? BANKROLLS
Research hors d'oeuvres online? GOOGLEAPPS
"Ditto" ASDOI
Tizzy SNIT
Rural tower SILO
Catchy tune, in slang BOP
Fighting sport, for short MMA
Since ASOF
"Time to head out!" LETSGO
Selects green bean casserole, candied yams and mashed potatoes? CHOOSESSIDES
What a ghost might do to you STARTLE
Chortled syllable HEH
Loch Ness monster, apparently HOAX
Love lines? ODES
Blast from the past, so to speak OLDSONG
"Full House" twins OLSENS
Setting in "Nomadland" RVLOT
Kilt folds PLEATS
Alex's partner in the jewelry industry ANI
Features of a vacant stare DEADEYES
Gets caught SNAGS
Sanctify BLESS
"Cease!," on the seas AVAST
Part of a rock band? ORE
Debate roasting versus deep-frying? TALKTURKEY
Groove RUT
"There ___ enough words" ARENT
Word with bump or trap SPEED
Former Florida flier PANAM
Breaking up ENDINGIT
Corn unit EAR
Inventor Gray who had a patent war with Alexander Graham Bell ELISHA
Martin of Hollywood STEVE
City on the Kenai Peninsula SEWARD
"Let me join!" IWANTIN
Foolish UNWISE
Unspecific amount in a recipe DASH
Small game, often PREY
Some nail-biters, for short OTS
Developing NASCENT
Steers the dessert cart? SHEPHERDSPIE
Cupid's counterpart EROS
Grabbed a chair SAT
Some sex cells OVA
Heads of org. charts CEOS
Part of some pods ORCA
November birthstone TOPAZ
Make cranberry sauce from scratch? KICKTHECAN
Reserve the chardonnay for later? TABLEWINE
On a bias ASKEW
Off-the-wall ZANY
Actress Jessica ALBA
Noted Celtic musician ENYA
Kind of question YESNO
Shiny silver sticker? EPEE
Bid first, say LEAD
"___?" "___!" DEAL


___ tea BOBA
Exclamations of enlightenment AHAS
Outer layer RIND
Beach Boys hit with a geographical title KOKOMO
"The White Lotus" network HBO
Web addresses URLS
Stage name of Montero Lamar Hill LILNASX
St. Francis of ___ ASSISI
Official lang. of Guyana ENG
Land through which the Mekong River flows LAOS
Go bad SPOIL
Quarter backs? EAGLES
Letter before cue PEE
Landmark health legislation, for short ACA
Certain recyclable, in the Midwest POPBOTTLE
Brand aptly found in "natural pooch food" ALPO
Tendril WISP
"Ba-dum-tss" sounds RIMSHOTS
Led Zeppelin's "Whole ___ Love" LOTTA
Aids in planning TODOLISTS
Untold millennia AEONS
G-men FEDS
Buffalo N.H.L.ers SABRES
Work on one's whisking technique? GRAVYTRAIN
Slices and dices CHOPS
"Absolutely not" HELLNO
"Goodness!" OHDEAR
Enter a bear market SAG
Tournament ranking SEED
Clinton and Obama, astrologically LEOS
Approx. EST
Chuck Taylor All Star, e.g. SNEAKER
Pro tip about seasoning stuffing? SAGEADVICE
Length of some fun runs, informally ONEK
Backed up SAVED
Having an even score ALLTIED
Macy's Thanksgiving ___ Parade DAY
Hairstyle that the Brits call "fringe" BANGS
Captain Marvel, e.g. SUPERHERO
Start of some countdowns TEN
Peruse READ
Open, as a drain UNSTOP
Home to Faa'a International Airport TAHITI
German candy with a caramel center RIESEN
Toddler's time out? PLAYDATE
Parsonage MANSE
Sicilian stratovolcano ETNA
Things behind the Times? NEWSRACKS
"___ the night before Christmas …" TWAS
Pitchers EWERS
Thur. + 3 SUN
Arthur of tennis ASHE
Rage IRE
Philanthropist Pratt for whom the Baltimore public library system is named ENOCH
Measurer of acidity PHSCALE
Entrance PORTAL
Put in a hold STOWED
"For real," in modern parlance NOCAP
Go-ahead OKAY
Metaphor for a migraine VISE
Lucid SANE
Inspiration for the tribute band A*Teens ABBA
Winter candle scent PINE
Actress Taylor-Joy of "The Queen's Gambit" ANYA
Ardor ZEAL
Ryan Gosling's role in "Barbie" KEN
Common factor TWO
It ends when 1/1 begins NYE
Boyo LAD
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