USA Today Crossword Answers November 18, 2023

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Author: by Amanda Rafkin


Love, in Spanish AMOR
___ and seek HIDE
Covertly includes on an email BCCS
“As I see it . . .” TOME
Things ITEMS
Official currency of 20 countries EURO
Common vending machine bills ONES
Go nighty-night SLEEP
Gradually withdraw WEAN
Genre that combines fantasy with the mundane MAGICALREALISM
Add spices to SEASON
“See ya,” online TTYL
When you’re doing this puzzle TODAY
People to look up to IDOLS
Producer Yvette ___ Bowser LEE
Streaming service now known as “Max” HBO
Blood condition ANEMIA
Landscaping on many golf courses ARTIFICIALGRASS
Clementine or tangelo, e.g. CITRUS
Little criticism NIT
To the ___ degree NTH
Krispy ___ donuts KREME
People who perform the Egedege Dance IGBO
Super lit parties RAGERS
“I can always hope, right?” AGIRLCANDREAM
Swedish practice of taking a break with a beverage, a snack and good company FIKA
“In Treatment” actress Uzo ADUBA
Writer Bombeck ERMA
Amend for publication EDIT
Himalayan country TIBET
Patreon level TIER
“When all is said and ___ . . .” DONE
East, in Spanish ESTE
Shipped off SENT


Particles with neutrons ATOMS
“Glass Onion” actress Janelle MONAE
Final Greek letter OMEGA
Push back against RESIST
Words on some matching towel sets HISANDHIS
“___ be our little secret” ITLL
Stag or fawn DEER
“Nice to ___ you!” (Zoom greeting) EMEET
Totally confuse BEWILDER
Prompts for actors CUES
Do some last-minute studying CRAM
Nemo, to Marlin SON
Pigeon’s sound COO
Not telling the truth LYING
“The Goldbergs” channel ABC
Snatching sound YOINK
Muscat’s country OMAN
“It’s on my to-do ___” LIST
Spot for a merit badge SASH
Like doilies LACY
Great Lake that’s a homophone of 52-Down ERIE
___ Moten Barnett ETTA
Substitute ALTERNATE
Provide water to farmland IRRIGATE
Mushrooms and mold, e.g. FUNGI
What we breathe AIR
“___ woman” (Taylor Swift song) MAD
Birds with S-shaped necks EGRETS
Ill-behaved child BRAT
“Golden” song OLDIE
Kinda spooky EERIE
Soup that often comes with a boiled egg in it RAMEN
Intelligent SMART
Similar AKIN
Baby bears CUBS
Help with a crime ABET
Put out some kibble for FED
Final words before your fiance becomes your spouse IDO
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