New York Times Crossword Answers October 11, 2021

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Author: Ben Pall
Editor: Will Shortz


Large seashell CONCH
"Uncle ___ Wants You" SAM
Social influence CLOUT
Director Kurosawa AKIRA
Uncle: Sp. TIO
Reddish-brown dye HENNA
"This is my final offer" TAKEITORLEAVEIT
What may have the solution to your vision problems? EYEDROP
Sign up ENLIST
Attire for Caesar TOGA
Next-___ technology GEN
Like something that's polarizing LOVEITORHATEIT
Licoricelike flavoring ANISE
Mentions by name, in a tweet TAGS
Word after "That's my" or "right on" CUE
Opening of an article, in journalism lingo LEDE
Put off until later, as a motion TABLE
Lip service? BALM
King Kong or Donkey Kong APE
Forbidden action NONO
Official language of Iran FARSI
"Get out of the way!" MOVEITORLOSEIT
Bird in a barn OWL
Tip (over) KEEL
D.C. mayor Muriel BOWSER
Not-quite-in-shape male physiques DADBODS
Having no middle ground between success and failure MAKEITORBREAKIT
Country singer Steve EARLE
Try to win over romantically WOO
German river to the North Sea RHINE
Material for Cinderella's slipper GLASS
"On the Basis of ___" (film about Ruth Bader Ginsburg) SEX
Like some hills and prices STEEP


Actress Blanchett CATE
"Sure, why not" OKAY
Brand with a swoosh logo NIKE
Good reputation, in slang CRED
Ponytail necessity HAIRTIE
Halting, as rush-hour traffic STOPGO
Put on TV AIR
Small mammal that lives mostly underground MOLE
Homes in the Alps CHALETS
Adam ___, longtime panelist on "The Voice" LEVINE
Half of the digits in binary code ONES
Cubit or karat UNIT
Pic that might use 16-Across TAT
Play a trumpet, e.g. TOOT
Command to the helmsman from Jean-Luc Picard ENGAGE
Purchase at the Met museum, maybe ARTBOOK
In ___ land LALA
Time in New York when it's noon in Chicago ONEPM
Feature introduced to the iPhone in 2009 VIDEO
Opposite of WNW ESE
Rogue computer in "2001: A Space Odyssey" HAL
"You have my sympathy" ICARE
Former Hawaii representative Gabbard TULSI
Send off, as rays EMIT
Tiny builder of tunnels and hills ANT
Some college grads, for short BAS
Hit 2012 musical about paperboys NEWSIES
Documents, Downloads, Desktop, etc. FOLDERS
A, E, I, O, U … and sometimes Y VOWELS
Big name in DVD rental kiosks REDBOX
Titular Shakespearean king LEAR
Biblical false god BAAL
Vegetable used to thicken stews OKRA
Counterpart of columns ROWS
Thai currency BAHT
s migrant OKIE
Have a nice meal DINE
Any rung on a ladder STEP
Actress Ryan MEG
___ v. Wade ROE
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