New York Times Crossword Answers September 11, 2020

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Author: Caitlin Reid and Erik Agard
Editor: Will Shortz


Fans of the Bible? PALMFRONDS
It's hardly a breath of fresh air SMOG
Apartment units SQUAREFEET
Where to visit the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial OAHU
Necked, jocularly SUCKEDFACE
Sort (through) SIFT
Perspectives TAKES
Starters ATEAM
Bobs and weaves DOS
Phone-unlocking option SCAN
Pictures IMAGERY
"Auntie," on the telly BBC
Dreaded examination AUDIT
Like bells RUNG
Achilles' heel, e.g. FLAW
Lap-sitter TOT
Solution for a chef, maybe BRINE
Not on time, but that's OK FASHIONABLYLATE
Talent, in slang CHOPS
Sister language of Thai LAO
Member of the House of Saud, e.g. EMIR
___ nut KOLA
Cicely ___, 2020 Television Academy Hall of Fame inductee TYSON
Seventh of 24 ETA
Plot device that prompts a protagonist to piece things together AMNESIA
Right columns? EDIT
Roar from a crowd RAH
Proverbial back-breaker STRAW
King ___ COBRA
"My, my!" EGAD
Get out of here! ESCAPEROOM
Miguel in "Coco," por ejemplo NINO
Sweet Indian beverage MANGOLASSI
"Rock or Bust" rockers ACDC
One who's about ready to go out? SLEEPYHEAD


Attention getter PSST
Lead-in to culture AQUA
Unfortunate thing to be out of LUCK
Alternative to 7Up FRESCA
Like the circle in the 7Up logo RED
Intermittently OFFANDON
Dandy NEAT
Trickery DECEIT
Tick off STEAM
Title of hits by Abba and Rihanna SOS
Something that might be sacrificed at the altar? MAIDENNAME
"Never mind!" OHFORGETIT
Full of grit GUTSY
Jaguars, e.g. AUTOS
Trickery GUILE
With whom you might have a Snapchat streak, informally BFF
Liquid paper? CASHONHAND
Where eyeglasses and espresso machines were invented ITALY
With 36-Down, what plasma may be removed from WHOLE
See 34-Down BLOOD
"Check" IPASS
It comes before overtime BASEWAGE
Slice of life, maybe ERA
Kind of bone near the tibia and fibula TARSAL
"___ done!" NICELY
Game site ARENA
Objects ITEMS
Literally, "law" TORAH
Face covering of a sort ACNE
Big producer of speakers BOSE
Santa ___, Calif. ROSA
Surrounded by AMID
Nonfiction film, informally DOC
Really jump out POP
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