New York Times Crossword Answers September 30, 2022

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Author: David Karp
Editor: Will Shortz


Zip it, with "up" CLAM
"___ luego" (Spanish "bye") HASTA
Play group CAST
Brilliance ECLAT
Símbolo del infinito, rotated 90° OCHO
Wild goat with curved horns IBEX
"Oh, cool!" NEATO
Secret spot for a secret plot LAIR
Happy, now PLACATED
Ensler who created "The Vagina Monologues" EVE
Show disdain, in a way SCOFF
River of song SWANEE
Bill promoting science NYE
Hawaiian crop threatened by the apple snail TARO
Activity for some big game hunters? HIGHSTAKESPOKER
Brain wave IDEA
Ad ___ HOC
The ties that bind? CORSET
Makes a house a home, say NESTS
Sign of bad service NOBARS
Something to be filed, in brief DOC
Stretches for the rest of us? NAPTIMES
Tale's end, often MORALOFTHESTORY
Parallel (to) AKIN
Like the mood fostered by "Waiting for Godot" BLEAK
Always EVER
Shoe with holes CROC
Robot maid on "The Jetsons" ROSIE
Mineral used in drywall MICA
Funny McKinnon KATE
Pretentiously creative ARTSY
Rogen who played the other Steve in 2015's "Steve Jobs" SETH


English chip CRISP
Run down illegally LIBEL
Echo voice ALEXA
Performance with a sombrero MEXICANHATDANCE
Rare find, in an idiom HENSTEETH
Winning blackjack hand ACETEN
Impressive bucket challenge SLAMDUNKCONTEST
"Later, alligator!" TATA
Make up ATONE
Rare comics and vintage dolls, e.g. COLLECTORSITEMS
Food pronounced in three syllables ACAI
Pen knife? SHIV
Settings for squirrels, at times EAVES
Colorado N.H.L. team, casually AVS
Word with catching or popping EYE
They may throw shade OAKS
Not busy FREE
Hold the ___ FORT
Tibia SHIN
___-leg jeans WIDE
Forever and a day AGES
Tool for closing a window ESCAPEKEY
Chicago's ___ Center AON
Boston and San Francisco, but not Denver PORTS
Martian day (24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds) SOL
Religious adherents governed by the Universal House of Justice BAHAIS
One with a forked tongue COBRA
You might catch this when seated with other people MOVIE
Put up ERECT
Red wine variety SYRAH
Name on a truck MACK
Garden plant in the mallow family OKRA
Gigglefest RIOT
Rosa, tulipán or jazmín FLOR
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