Newsday Crossword Answers April 05, 2021

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Author: Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman


Condiment in a shaker SALT
Is priced at COSTS
Multiyear savings accts. CDS
”Not guilty,” for one PLEA
”. . . had a farm, __” EIEIO
Move like a rabbit HOP
Implements in a horseback sport POLOMALLETS
With a frosty covering ICY
Ingested ATE
Letter after kay ELL
Sharp point of a rose THORN
Gear teeth COGS
Flexible, as a gymnast LITHE
Neighborhood AREA
Posed to propose KNELT
Get a look at SEE
”Right of way” traffic sign YIELD
Major blood vessel AORTA
Person from Melbourne, for short AUSSIE
Implements in a net sport TENNISRACKETS
Boxed up for shipping CRATED
Black and white cookies OREOS
Desert spot with water OASIS
Hair of a bear FUR
Push gently NUDGE
Computer storage measure BYTE
Slip into, as a blouse PUTON
Lowly worker PEON
Solos in operas ARIAS
Letter before zee WYE
Angry MAD
Stomach muscles, familiarly ABS
Implements in a British sport CRICKETBATS
Hawaiian floral necklace LEI
Make amends ATONE
Shape of a funnel CONE
When a plane is expected: Abbr. ETA
Kids’ live-in caretaker NANNY
Jekyll’s evil side HYDE


Exactly correct, informally SPOTON
Claim in a courtroom ALLEGE
Zodiac feline LEO
Gentle, as a horse TAME
People playing large stringed instruments CELLISTS
Liquid for frying OIL
Get ready to rage SEETHE
10% church donation TITHE
Just adequate SOSO
Where a head touches a violin CHINREST
Physician, for short DOC
Secret agent SPY
Fill your suitcase PACK
Everyone ALL
Lifts a glass, as for a toast RAISESUP
At more of an angle SLANTIER
Remove by ripping TEAROUT
Yale students ELIS
”Drink” suffix for lemon ADE
Musical notes TONES
Northwest Canadian territory YUKON
Get __ of (throw away) RID
Top card in poker ACE
Cafeteria’s plate holder TRAY
China and Japan’s region EASTASIA
What to press to move a cursor ARROWKEY
Corn eater’s discard COB
Combination of different cuisines FUSION
Insist upon DEMAND
Pointy beard GOATEE
Conclusions ENDS
First section of something PARTA
TV ”Science Guy” Bill NYE
”Not if __ help it!” ICAN
Engrave deeply ETCH
Pub beverage ALE
Make a wager BET
Atlanta-based news channel CNN
Young lad BOY
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