Newsday Crossword Answers January 13, 2021

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Author: Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman


Lofty HIGH
Video game pioneer ATARI
What email filters block SPAM
Rights advocacy org. ACLU
Glossy gown material SATIN
Help for a detective CLUE
Usual sitcom audio LAUGHTRACK
Dustcloths RAGS
Money worth about $1.20 in Barcelona ONEEURO
Posh properties ESTATES
Actor __ Damon MATT
Manicurist’s abrasive EMERY
Of the backbone SPINAL
Spot of land in a sea ISLE
Elizabeth of cosmetics ARDEN
”As Good as It Gets” Oscar actress HELENHUNT
Brewery grain MALT
Added to the staff HIRED
Cleveland’s lake ERIE
Colorful cosmetic EYESHADOW
__ cum laude MAGNA
Found a purpose for USED
Cash in REDEEM
Save for later STORE
Agenda, in brief SKED
Tropical fruits PAPAYAS
Paperless boarding pass ETICKET
Topped, as cupcakes ICED
Washington suburb CHEVYCHASE
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
Bloom from a bulb TULIP
European mountain range ALPS
Lee of comic book fame STAN
R.L. of scary kid lit STINE
Lease payment RENT


Saintly light HALO
”__ hardly wait!” ICAN
Scrapbooker’s adhesive GLUE
Enormous HUGE
Of the stars ASTRAL
Fortune-teller’s deck TAROT
__ loss for words ATA
Grain in sushi RICE
Cartoonist’s liquids INKS
”Take a hike!” SCRAM
Dish holding a dinner PLATE
Hole-making tool AUGER
Needing straightening up MESSY
Earthling, in sci-fi HUMAN
Adolescent TEEN
Steering system linkages TIERODS
Identical SAME
Say grace, for example PRAY
Not doing anything IDLE
Receives after taxes NETS
Whole bunch SLEW
Was winning LED
Stay out of sight HIDE
Spheroid of lettuce HEAD
Strongly recommend URGE
WXYZ on cell phones NINE
Group of collaborators TEAM
Contains HAS
Donald Duck nephew HUEY
Battlefield healer MEDIC
Key in again RETYPE
Twirls around SPINS
Musical ”don’t play” notation TACET
Drama with singers OPERA
Heaviest inert gas RADON
Costner of films KEVIN
49 Down segments ACTS
Closed securely SHUT
Blacken on a grill CHAR
Green-chips veggie KALE
Airer of NFL games ESPN
Lab trial TEST
Yale student ELI
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