Newsday Crossword Answers July 20, 2021

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Author: Jerry Clarkson, edited by Stanley Newman


Singer Turner or Actress Fey TINA
Having no clutter NEAT
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
”Once __ a time . . .” UPON
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Toon skunk Pepe LEPEW
Metal lid for beer or cola BOTTLECAP
Coffee-and-milk drink LATTE
Light bulb inventor EDISON
Accentuates STRESSES
Tooth specialist’s deg. DDS
Brain-wave test, for short EEG
Happy look SMILE
Diamonds or clubs, in bridge MINORSUIT
”Tiny” prefix for second NANO
Slip into, as clothes DON
Swoop down (on) POUNCE
Vanish __ thin air INTO
Athlete’s best effort AGAME
Short car ride SPIN
To earn money FORPAY
”Hamilton” VIP __-Manuel Miranda LIN
Aid for someone stumped HINT
Region of wintry weather FROSTBELT
What birds flap WINGS
Chicken coop cackler HEN
When a plane is expected: Abbr. ETA
Leapt suddenly towards LUNGEDAT
Pungent burger toppings ONIONS
”Gone With the Wind” surname OHARA
Part of a car-slowing device BRAKESHOE
Ship’s tracking device SONAR
Place for an earring LOBE
Actress Thompson or Stone EMMA
Elevator passageway SHAFT
Old Testament paradise EDEN
A sight for sore __ EYES


Shape of ziti TUBE
Apple’s music player IPOD
”It was someone else” NOTI
Pests in a pantry ANTS
Constantly NOEND
PC bailout key ESC
”That’s too bad” ALAS
List of the best TOPTEN
Fast tempo ALLEGRO
Grassy fields LEAS
Tenants’ dwellings: Abbr. APTS
Dole (out) METE
Is indebted to OWES
Vein of ore in a mine LODE
Admit customers again REOPEN
Air pollution SMOG
Sense by smelling SNIFF
Posh residence MANOR
Opening statement, for short INTRO
Small strips on pants LOOPS
Counting everything INALL
Japanese ”bar” food SUSHI
Remove, as a brooch UNPIN
Cake frosting ICING
Campers’ shelters TENTS
Convertible sofa DAYBED
Tiny plant pest MITE
Fundamentally ATHEART
Make possible ENABLE
Decrease gradually WANE
Small memento TOKEN
At a __ for words (speechless) LOSS
”Here comes trouble” UHOH
Granny NANA
Tennis great Steffi GRAF
Walked (on) TROD
”Now it makes sense” ISEE
”Horrors!” OHMY
Port of Alaska NOME
Briny bodies of water SEAS
Lincoln nickname ABE
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