Newsday Crossword Answers June 07, 2021

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Author: Gail Grabowski, edited by Stanley Newman


Imperfection FLAW
Measure of gem weight CARAT
Practice boxing SPAR
Tra __ (singing syllables) LALA
Suspect’s excuse ALIBI
Kitchen flooring piece TILE
Days before holidays EVES
Marching-band flutes FIFES
”My treat” ONME
Hometown-related LOCAL
Wipe clean ERASE
Sound of relief SIGH
Piece to bake a dessert in CAKEPAN
Usual income tax filing mo. APR
Nary a soul NOONE
Be untruthful LIE
Naval noncom: Abbr. CPO
Parts of horses’ harnesses BRIDLES
Letter before tee ESS
Swiss mountain ALP
Reinforced, as winter coats LINED
Height: Abbr. ALT
Internet location WEBSITE
Dies down ABATES
Otherwise ELSE
Sandwich shops DELIS
Barbecues’ residues ASHES
Farm’s storage structure GRAINSILO
Installed, as carpet LAID
Chalkboard material SLATE
Notion IDEA
Join the chorus SING
One from Italy’s capital ROMAN
Wooden strip SLAT
Ye __ Shoppe OLDE
Attacks, as a fly SWATS
Change for a $20 bill TENS


Made an escape FLED
Volcanic output LAVA
Pub beverages ALES
Cleaned one’s hands WASHED
Lounging robe CAFTAN
False name ALIAS
Hunter’s gun RIFLE
Brother of Cain ABEL
”__ the season to be jolly . . .” TIS
Unwitting victim STOOGE
Type of drapery fold PINCHPLEAT
__ mater ALMA
Fishing-line holder REEL
Anger IRE
Is fond of LIKES
Sensible SANE
Colorful parrot MACAW
Source of cider APPLE
Fail to keep up DROPBEHIND
Chilly COLD
Theater walkway AISLE
Birds’ abodes NESTS
Three hours before noon NINE
Poem of praise ODE
Supreme happiness BLISS
Solemn ceremony RITE
Heavy hammer SLEDGE
Science-fiction beings ALIENS
Container for recycling BIN
Help out ASSIST
Serious stage play DRAMA
Continuously bother EATAT
In addition ALSO
Leave port SAIL
Radiance GLOW
Not doing anything IDLE
Low in fat LEAN
Feedbag meal OATS
Fourth-yr. collegians SRS
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