Newsday Crossword Answers March 30, 2021

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Author: Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman


List of candidates SLATE
Very slightly AMITE
”60 Minutes” network CBS
Potato or yam TUBER
”Mass” news sources MEDIA
”__ we there yet?” ARE
Venue for boxing ARENA
Small cove INLET
”Coconut custard” dessert PIE
Carpenter’s motorized smoothing tools BELTSANDERS
Light to stop for RED
__ Majesty (title for a queen) HER
Make right, as a mistake RECTIFY
Winter malady FLU
Building for crop storage SILO
Rap star Dr. __ DRE
Simplify EASE
Couch in a den SOFA
Chorus of eight OCTET
Very remote place MIDDLEOFNOWHERE
Old maxim ADAGE
Eatery’s list MENU
Leave port SAIL
”Easy as” letters ABC
Long-tailed rodents RATS
Director Brooks MEL
Italian sports car FERRARI
Easter egg coloring DYE
Wood-chopping tool AXE
Seedless citrus fruit NAVELORANGE
IRS regulation expert CPA
Musical about Mrs. PerĂ³n EVITA
Illegally high interest rate USURY
CNN founder Turner TED
Handle efficiently SEETO
Variety of tea PEKOE
Clever like a fox SLY
Trio in ”tosses” ESSES
Large quantities SLEWS


Wild guess STAB
Entice LURE
Eve’s second son ABEL
50, to 500 TENTH
Removes pencil marks ERASES
”I __ no mood to argue” AMIN
Repair, as a garment MEND
Lazy person IDLER
Having multiple levels, as a theater TIERED
Admits one’s mistake EATSCROW
Italian resort island CAPRI
Terse in one’s words BRIEF
Disreputable, as a bar SEEDY
Get out of bed ARISE
Computer repairers, for short TECHS
Hurricane relief org. FEMA
Installed, as a carpet LAID
Beef-inspecting agcy. USDA
Weaving machine LOOM
Negotiator’s proposal OFFER
Poe’s first name EDGAR
Fictional Karenina ANNA
Any sports squad TEAM
A Great Lake ERIE
Reveal a secret TELL
Beirut native LEBANESE
Perform better than OUTDO
Has a longing for CRAVES
Gooey pancake toppings SYRUPS
True statements FACTS
Toss out of school EXPEL
All set READY
Wall-climbing plants IVIES
Art studio’s stand EASEL
”Small” suffix for kitchen ETTE
Vietnam neighbor LAOS
Reheat in a microwave NUKE
Get taller GROW
A sight for sore __ EYES
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