Universal Crossword Answers April 01, 2021

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Author: by Fred Piscop


15-minute pursuit? FAME
Plucked instrument HARP
Skater Rippon ADAM
Drinks similar to Slurpees ICEES
Uzbekistan’s continent ASIA
One-named soccer great PELE
*Bronco’s activity (hint: delete letters 8 to 10 in this answer) BUCKINGHAM
Walk like a hippo PLOD
Catchall abbr. ETC
___ de vie EAU
Puts on, as makeup APPLIES
Like some auto mirrors REARVIEW
Schreiber of “Ray Donovan” LIEV
“Bambi” collectible CEL
Rescuers of 69-Across ADOPTERS
Sporty Italian auto, briefly ALFA
Heavy-duty lifter CRANE
Word before “roaring” or “current” RIP
Southeast Asian ethnic group LAO
*Airport rental (… 2 to 5) CLAMBAR
Smog watchdog org. EPA
Blow it ERR
Glowing reviews RAVES
Pivotal WWII date DDAY
Some marbles CATSEYES
Get benefit from USE
Salt Lake City collegians UTES
Camp shelter’s “door” TENTFLAP
Had for supper DINEDON
A-lister, for short VIP
Eggs, to biologists OVA
Neighbor of Yemen OMAN
Person who eschews the starred answers’ deleted portions VEGETARIAN
Furry visitor to Oz TOTO
Sportscaster Andrews ERIN
Far from long-winded TERSE
___ out (barely manages) EKES
Perot of the Reform Party ROSS
Microchipped animals, perhaps PETS


Carpet material FIBER
Less than 90 degrees ACUTE
Hajji’s destination MECCA
Cartoon shriek EEK
Dutch court site, with “The” HAGUE
Tree that rhymes with a synonym for “money” ASH
Antipiracy org. RIAA
Running of the bulls site PAMPLONA
Bit of Java programming APPLET
*Monopoly card (… 3 to 7) DELIVERED
Moisturizer in tissues ALOE
What docs prescribe MEDS
Holey utensil SIEVE
Shingle securer NAIL
“Pied” musician of legend PIPER
Portable DVD player brand RCA
Most toasty WARMEST
Bits of gel DABS
Kelly on TV RIPA
Fix at the vet’s office SPAY
Baldwin of “30 Rock” ALEC
Dr. Zhivago’s beloved LARA
*Strong suit (… 4 to 7) FORTUNATE
Yield to pressure CAVE
2015 boxing film CREED
Takes a break from flying LAYSOVER
Dict. entry DEF
Transcription takers, briefly STENOS
Watt or tesla UNIT
Mar. 17 honoree STPAT
Makes equal EVENS
Longest river in France LOIRE
Sailor’s “Stop!” AVAST
Windex surfaces PANES
Shower love (on) DOTE
Post-accident assurance IMOK
“Fiddling” emperor NERO
U.S. soldiers GIS
One curl or press REP
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