Newsday Crossword Answers October 18, 2021

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Author: Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman


They hold MD degrees: Abbr. DRS
Remain in a place STAY
Romantic Italian isle CAPRI
__ de Cologne EAU
Sport played on horseback POLO
Underway, as Sherlock would say AFOOT
Callers of balls and strikes BASEBALLUMPIRES
Curved line ARC
Highest poker cards ACES
Full of sass PERT
Had the leading role STARRED
What a tailor’s spools contain THREADS
Energy from the sun SOLAR
Winning line in tic-tac-toe OOO
Honey-making insect BEE
Former soldier, for short VET
Baby dog PUP
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Western hero, friend of Tonto THELONERANGER
Large bodies of water SEAS
Middle of 18 Down PER
Luau neckwear LEI
Settle a bill PAY
America’s Uncle SAM
Islamic Almighty ALLAH
Takes into custody ARRESTS
”So soon?” ALREADY
Vanish __ thin air INTO
Rotisserie rod SPIT
Edge of a drinking glass RIM
Young trick-or-treaters KIDSONHALLOWEEN
Ahead by a point ONEUP
Vicinity AREA
University email suffix EDU
Return-postage enclosures: Abbr. SASES
Shape of a penny DISC
__ and dont’s DOS


Cherished by DEARTO
Scoundrel RASCAL
Take to court SUE
Parking-lot slot SPACE
”Holy” Ohio city TOLEDO
”__ fair in love and war” ALLS
”__ and me both!” YOU
Playful prank CAPER
In flames AFIRE
Easy to carry around PORTABLE
Fish eggs ROE
TGIF contraction ITS
Male singing voice BASS
Large wooden wine container BARREL
Speedometer letters MPH
Four-star reviews RAVES
”Guided” vacation TOUR
Antlered animal DEER
”Just a __!” (”Right away!”) SEC
Performance with arias OPERA
Toy that spins TOP
Good buddy PAL
Physically nimble AGILE
Rip (up) TEAR
Rural drives with straw seats HAYRIDES
The Loch __ monster NESS
Not far from NEARTO
Resort with masseurs SPA
Tree sources of syrup MAPLES
Texas border city LAREDO
Farewells, from the French ADIEUS
Church song HYMN
Happen next ENSUE
Freight measure TON
Purple flower LILAC
Woman’s dress of India SARI
Boxing victories, for short KOS
Once __ while (occasionally) INA
Once owned HAD
Get married WED
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