Universal Crossword Answers October 20, 2021

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Author: by Alan Massengill and Doug Peterson


Luxury craft YACHT
Big oil grp. OPEC
“Just Do It” company NIKE
Possible reaction to unwanted flowers ACHOO
Temporarily bright star NOVA
Sign of the future OMEN
Fantastic ’90s card carrier? PHATWALLET
Zipped and zoomed SPED
Actor Rogen SETH
“High ___” (classic Western) NOON
Way off base, say?: Abbr. AWOL
“Como ___ usted?” ESTA
Draws on USES
“Hey, who’s pretending to be rocker Liz?”? THATSNOTPHAIR
Leather for some jackets SUEDE
Toned FIT
‘Vette roof option TTOP
Western neighbor of Ga. ALA
“Why are you still bothering me?” WHATNOW
Sometimes-hazy brew, briefly IPA
They’re smart and funny WITS
Futbol stadium cry OLE
Crude abode HOVEL
Connections at a scam call center? PHISHINGLINES
Ad agency award CLIO
Take it easy LAZE
Varieties ILKS
Told, as a yarn SPUN
Muddy spot MIRE
Child’s play, maybe? SKIT
Epic sigh of relief? QUITEAPHEW
Mortgage adjustment, for short REFI
Light snack BITE
Do more than apologize ATONE
Word a sliding runner likes to hear SAFE
Kyle’s bestie on “South Park” STAN
Heavily promotes HYPES


Puppy sounds YAPS
Tooth or ear malady ACHE
Have a convo CHAT
Someone with a short fuse HOTHEAD
AAA service TOW
From another museum, perhaps ONLOAN
Water ___ (Olympic sport) POLO
Divisible by two EVEN
One may be feral CAT
“Easy peasy!” NOSWEAT
“Are you sure?” response IMPOSITIVE
Backbone of a boat KEEL
Word before “point,” “line” or “zone” END
Marching insects ANTS
Firepit residue ASH
Meal in a Crock-Pot STEW
“I’ve had it ___ here!” UPTO
Blooming bulb TULIP
Annoying feline in comics HEATHCLIFF
Frequently OFTEN
Altoids container TIN
Lassos ROPES
Didn’t miss? SAW
Friend PAL
Hostess product similar to a Yodel HOHO
Famous boxer and trash-talker ALI
Expert WHIZ
Dressy neckwear SILKTIE
Nearly out of gas ONEMPTY
Certain sib SIS
___-free restaurant GLUTEN
Penny, but not Abbey LANE
Assemble-it-yourself furniture brand IKEA
Executive’s apparel SUIT
Hummus scooper PITA
Stack chain IHOP
Russo of “Thor” RENE
Lambs’ mothers EWES
12th graders: Abbr. SRS
NFL signal-callers QBS
“That feels wonderful!” AAH
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