Newsday Crossword Answers October 21, 2021

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Author: Greg Johnson, edited by Stanley Newman


Nontraditional, for short ALT
Driver assistance system ONSTAR
Have status RATE
Unimpressed response MEH
High-end DELUXE
Large number SLEW
Meadow meals GRASSES
How far down DEPTH
Dots, on travel map searches ATMS
Wine word SEC
Inconclusive result TIE
”Can you tell me about it?” WHATSTHEPROBLEM
YMCA grammar class ESL
”People are saying . . .” IHEAR
Out of concern that LEST
Family member GREATAUNT
Kin to 34 Across ELSE
Closely compacted DENSE
Creator of Kinsey SUE
Baltimore Ravens raven mascot POE
’80s First Son RON
Shakespearean schemer IAGO
Stylishly smooth SLEEK
Cowpoke’s sack BEDROLL
”We’ll solve this together” LETSFIGUREITOUT
Drinks on draft ALES
Stake tents ENCAMP
It means ”updated” NEO
Fire starter PYRO
Where to buy nesting dolls RUSSIA
Shoguns’ capital EDO


Monte Carlo compatriot AMI
Horse race measures LENGTHS
Heat-retaining THERMAL
Horse race numbers ODDS
Bitter ender NESS
Plumlike fruit SLOE
Rolaids rival TUMS
Tool on firetrucks AXE
Bar code scanner READER
Tell ’em you’ll be there RSVP
Not much ALITTLE
Computer gurus TECHIES
Feta source EWE
Cardinal point EAST
Jazz Age art DECO
Really grab AWE
Fire Dept. employee EMT
Formal address SIR
Not just any THE
Return to shore HEADIN
Served and gone EATEN
Lunch not served on El Al BLT
”The heck you say!” GEE
Fleet designation USS
Just arrived NEW
Uncommon sense ESP
More or less LOOSELY
Ore processing place SMELTER
Isolated, and not liking it SOALONE
Fallen apart, in a way UNGLUED
Braggart’s overabundance EGO
Not kosher TREF
More corny HOKIER
Highly humorous happening RIOT
Venerable petrol brand ESSO
Tampa Bay gridders, in headlines BUCS
Significant decades ERAS
Moore of movies DEMI
Seacrest TV partner RIPA
Round trip on a track LAP
African bearded beast GNU
Overabundantly TOO
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