Newsday Crossword Answers October 25, 2021

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Author: Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman


Measure of protein or carbs GRAM
Dr. Jekyll’s evil side HYDE
Book of maps ATLAS
Corporate emblem LOGO
36-inch measure YARD
Construction site hoisting machine CRANE
”A likely story!” IBET
Walk wearily PLOD
Small food sample TASTE
T. Rex, for short DINO
Passenger aircraft that hovers HELICOPTER
Main dinner course ENTREE
Low-fat, as meat LEAN
Abe Lincoln’s coin CENT
Recuperate from weariness RESTUP
Linoleum material VINYL
Hourly charge RATE
Astronauts’ org. NASA
Very stylish CHIC
Stacks of things PILES
Yoked farm beasts OXEN
Dice throw ROLL
Unwrap OPEN
Cheese with holes SWISS
Drives quickly SPEEDS
Slender in build SLIM
Without any warranty ASIS
Pleasant smells AROMAS
Large naval war vessel BATTLESHIP
__ yesterday (gullible) BORN
To no __ (futile) AVAIL
Team’s defeat LOSS
Notion IDEA
Zodiac sign of the scales LIBRA
Vampire writer Rice ANNE
Cause of a dripping pipe LEAK
Three letters in ”lasses” ESSES
Big Apple baseball team METS
Otherwise ELSE


Move effortlessly GLIDE
Springtime songbird ROBIN
Author’s representative AGENT
Two-wheeled highway vehicle MOTORCYCLE
Punctuation in ”pop-up” HYPHEN
New Haven university YALE
Oddly humorous DROLL
__ Bauer (clothing label) EDDIE
First part of a play ACTONE
Sandy golf hazard TRAP
Have stamina LAST
Initial poker payment ANTE
Fortune-teller SEER
Feels concern CARES
”Electric” fish EEL
Vacation excursion TRIP
Noisy vehicle at a ski resort SNOWMOBILE
Metered car TAXI
Practical applications USES
Woks and skillets PANS
Film players before DVDs VCRS
Breakfast restaurant chain IHOP
Long river of Egypt NILE
Pub beverage ALE
Change for a $20 bill TENS
Old West pursuit group POSSE
British knight’s title SIR
City near Fort Worth DALLAS
Runs out, as a subscription LAPSES
Koran reader’s faith ISLAM
Gleamed SHONE
Fashion show poser MODEL
General neighborhoods AREAS
Cobra or python SNAKE
Bundle of hay BALE
Rival of Hertz AVIS
Restaurant bills TABS
Get fatigued TIRE
”Money __ everything” ISNT
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