Newsday Crossword Answers October 26, 2021

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Author: Jerry Clarkson, edited by Stanley Newman


Band’s booking GIG
Be boastful BRAG
Mo. when autumn begins SEPT
__ it or lose it USE
Civil rights activist Parks ROSA
Groups of three singers TRIOS
Sleeve of a shirt ARM
Trees with acorns OAKS
Sock’s diamond pattern ARGYLE
No matter what the weather RAINORSHINE
Get a look at SEE
Jeans fabrics DENIMS
Calculate a sum ADD
Midmorning hour TEN
Minor mistake SLIP
Wolf Blitzer’s channel CNN
”How clumsy of me!” OOPS
Keyboarding mistake TYPO
Hawk that nests atop telephone poles OSPREY
Daredevil’s feats STUNTS
Don’t throw out KEEP
Hamsters and parakeets PETS
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Rapidly FAST
Police dept. alert APB
Feeling blue SAD
Seek advice from TURNTO
__ close for comfort TOO
Approximately PLUSORMINUS
Speak sharply to SNAPAT
Flapjack franchise IHOP
Words from the sponsor ADS
Wear away ERODE
Make a donation GIVE
Be untruthful LIE
Bambi, for one DEER
Cleared weeds from a garden HOED
Ship’s ”Help!” signal SOS


Bank’s security workers GUARDS
Tel Aviv’s country ISRAEL
Zodiac sign of the twins GEMINI
Floor-sweeping implement BROOM
Loud sounds of crowds ROARS
Inquires ASKS
Deep cut GASH
Rise from a chair STAND
Made a mistake ERRED
Beast in a sty PIG
Where to buy action figures TOYSTORE
Convertible sofa SLEEPER
Extremely small EENSY
Tiny bite NIP
Fleming who created James Bond IAN
EMT’s skill CPR
Cozy corners NOOKS
__ out (unsubscribe) OPT
Explosive initials TNT
”Absolutely!” YES
Spanish cheer OLE
Drain, as strength SAP
First part of a plan STEPONE
Stern-mounted boat motor OUTBOARD
Clip-__ (ties that don’t need tying) ONS
Salesperson, for short REP
Minor quarrels SPATS
College URL ender EDU
”TGI” day: Abbr. FRI
Historical records ANNALS
Artist’s workshop STUDIO
Soft throws TOSSES
Playing card symbol SPADE
Modify ALTER
Treasure stash TROVE
Officiated at a ballgame UMPED
Sound of regret SIGH
Cleveland’s locale OHIO
”The Raven” writer POE
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