Puzzle Society Crossword Answers January 13, 2019

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Crossword: by Nate Cardin


Hockey shot SLAP
Birthstone before topaz OPAL
Goldman’s partner SACHS
Oaxacan water AGUA
Actress Suvari MENA
Famously Auto-Tuned rapper TPAIN
Move before taking off TAXI
Really top-notch? GRANDPRIMO
Glass of NPR IRA
Meat safety org. USDA
Column counterpart ROW
Eyeball cover SCLERA
Study of every body? ANATOMY
Scratching a New York governor’s back if he scratches yours? QUIDPROCUOMO
Nine-digit no. issuer SSA
Angsty genre EMO
Track event MEET
Most likely mag in the waiting room? PROBABLECOSMO
“Sharknado” channel SYFY
Peace activist Yoko ONO
Cook onion rings FRY
Busy teen’s social dilemma? FRIENDORFOMO
When you vote, usually TUESDAY
Actress Bacall LAUREN
Six-pack muscles ABS
Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, for one MEME
Peaks, briefly MTS
Consequence of mo’ money, per Biggie Smalls … or what’s afflicted the theme answers? MOPROBLEMS
Tabloid twosome ITEM
Still a contender INIT
Minifigure toymaker LEGO
Confused ATSEA
Obligation DUTY
“Hence …” ERGO


Enjoyed a recliner SAT
Linked, as devices PAIRED
“LOL, I can’t even!” OMG
Paddington Bear’s home country PERU
Santa ___ (hot winds) ANAS
Martin of “Ed Wood” LANDAU
Indy sponsor STP
Car ad abbr. APR
Capital near pyramids CAIRO
Words mouthed to a camera HIMOM
White and wintry SNOWY
“Little Miss Sunshine” actor Paul DANO
Dadaist Jean ARP
Times and Trafalgar: Abbr. SQS
Crescent moon points CUSPS
2-D calculation AREA
Cartridge contents AMMO
Flip-flop grippers TOES
Fed. fiscal group OMB
“Howards 41-Down” novelist EMFORSTER
“The Christmas Song” co-writer Mel TORME
Show-___ (braggarts) OFFS
Antarctic admiral BYRD
See 36-Down END
Nifty COOL
Thataway YON
Shakespeare’s foot IAMB
Site of many lashes EYELID
L.A. athlete RAM
Pointless FUTILE
City northwest of Miami TAMPA
Simone Biles’ awards ESPYS
List with entrees MENU
Give off EMIT
GPS suggestion RTE
Some gametes OVA
Pig’s digs STY
McMuffin ingredient EGG
Low sound? MOO
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