Puzzle Society Crossword Answers January 17, 2019

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Crossword: by John Guzzetta


Scott Joplin’s genre RAGTIME
Reflexology resort SPA
Post-op spot ICU
Biannual celestial event EQUINOX
Big coffee vessel URN
Catch red-handed NAB
Interest limitation RATECAP
Mealtime furniture set DINETTE
Stomach muscles ABS
*Particle accelerator ATOMSMASHER
“No” votes NAYS
Needle part EYE
“Game of Thrones” knight SER
Unexpected defeat UPSET
Some males butt heads over them EWES
*Director of “Good Will Hunting” GUSVANSANT
“Smooth Operator” singer SADE
Columbus sch. OSU
Oxy target ZIT
Actress Thurman UMA
Sault ___ Marie STE
Dumbbell press units REPS
*Discussed business TALKEDSHOP
___-a-porter (ready-to-wear) PRET
Itty-bitty EENSY
Second Amendment grp. NRA
Best-liked, in texts FAV
“Fudge!” DARN
*Minimum requirements for a job BASICSKILLS
T, to Socrates TAU
Some retired professors EMERITI
Ballerina’s garment LEOTARD
Animated Flanders NED
Pre-K student TOT
Dieter’s unit CALORIE
Language suffix ESE
Clean energy org. EPA
Easy winners, or a phonetic hint to starred entries’ hidden brands SHOOINS


Broadcasted again RERAN
Seaport of Jordan AQABA
Father’s Day gift TIE
Machu Picchu native INCA
Castle surrounder MOAT
Trade show EXPO
All in a lather? SUDSY
Like 11 and 17 PRIME
Elsa’s sister in “Frozen” ANNA
Where dirt comes out INTHEWASH
Satisfied one’s every whim CATEREDTO
Major ride-share app UBER
Start and end of spells? ESSES
Self-referential, slangily META
Honda CR-V, e.g. SUV
La ___, Bolivia PAZ
Bad mood SNIT
“Como ___ usted?” ESTA
Trickle SEEP
It’s a mixed bag to hikers GORP
They’re created before passwords USERNAMES
Microwave NUKE
They hounded Capone TMEN
Online blocker targets ADS
Step in a flight STAIR
Jeans maker Strauss LEVI
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
Aperture setting FSTOP
Japanese dog breed AKITA
Pong company ATARI
___ to go RARIN
Unclothed sculptures NUDES
Nota ___ BENE
Put in a bibliography CITE
Relatives of Incs. LLCS
Rachel’s sister LEAH
Beer pong cup brand SOLO
In addition TOO
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