Star Tribune Crossword Answers April 04, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Civic gp. Assoc
Smell Reek
In the middle of Amid
Andean animal Llama
Make money Earn
Lingerie edging Lace
Fables Tales
Words of understanding (2 wds.) Isee
Church word Amen
Unseals Opens
Essential Necessary
Sow Seed
Recipe abbr. Tsp
____ a boy! Its
Curl Tress
Campfire remains Ashes
Baker’s dozen Thirteen
Bridge seat East
Dispute Argue
Sharp knock Rap
Cowboy’s tool Lasso
Telescope glass Lens
India’s neighbor Pakistan
Positive replies Yeses
Plus Asset
Potato bud Eye
Malt beverage Ale
Epochs Ages
Cleaned (clothes) Laundered
Plant again Repot
Farm measure Acre
Plunge Dive
Pedro’s friend Amigo
Country lodgings Inns
Acquire Gain
Seat rows Tiers
Intermission Rest
Jazz singer ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Double curves Esses


Singing voice Alto
Strike Slap
Discount event Sale
Prophetic signs Omens
Part of VCR Cassette
Rudolph, e.g. Reindeer
Leisure Ease
Puts up Erects
Leg joints Knees
Woeful cry Alas
Papa’s spouse Mama
Bakery worker Icer
Disclaim Deny
Health resort Spa
Burns’ “before” Ere
Milan’s land Italy
Trio number Three
Indications Signs
Breaks sharply Snaps
Large bodies of water Seas
Undue speed Haste
Writing assignment Essay
Large pebble Stone
Trick Ruse
Rose Bowl city Pasadena
Able to read Literate
Beer barrel Keg
Gloomy Sad
In the sky Aerial
Window sill Ledge
Large trucks Semis
Animal’s den Lair
Skin woe Acne
Large vases Urns
Bird’s abode Nest
Good’s opponent Evil
Desserts Pies
Fairy-tale fiend Ogre
Throw Toss
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