The Independent Crossword Answers April 04, 2021

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Snatch of metal caught on the radio STEAL
Bent coppers i.e. people in deep may be shown up by this PERISCOPE
Fella briefly engaged in dodgy activity to make some bread CHAPATI
AC-12’s coppers showing signs of stress ACCENTS
Country’s crime data evenly distributed AMERICA
Report from snout reportedly being discussed ATISSUE
Police leader probing strange deaths TEDHASTINGS
Most smooth, detailed poet from the east has India at heart OILIEST
Copper’s bringing posh Spanish banker in for questioning CURIOUS
Acclaimed, but first to be dismissed and charged IONISED
Beaming traitor keeps lead from DI Fleming? RADIANT
After coupling with another, tech billionaire stretches ELONGATES
Innocent Methuselah framed by villain on tape NAIVE


Perhaps Blair years ultimately written about as corrupt DECADENT
Those last seen in militia will attack Area 51 base ALKALI
Deceptive designs sending a PC to trial OPTICALART
Federal investigators over the pond uncovered something in the water UREA
Operation’s legal proceedings repeatedly failing to get answers CSECTION
At least 100 coppers or plods POUNDS
Friendly note on beauty treatment has lowered tone SOCIAL
Preview clip with culprit finally sent down … this calls for a celebration EASTER
Isn’t it arch working for the enemy? ANTICHRIST
Fancy riding in gear some time? DRESSAGE
Isolated police officers brought back to catch wicked one SPORADIC
New recruit covering up corruption? NOVICE
Superintendent sets example, arresting sucker TSETSE
Criminal due to fly in for police show featuring 14 LINEOF
Worker in community armed DS Arnott regularly REDANT
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