Star Tribune Crossword Answers August 01, 2020

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


For fear that Lest
Laid bathroom flooring Tiled
Painter Salvador ____ Dali
Hawaiian island Oahu
Perfume Aroma
Scored on serve Aced
Consumer User
Impressively large Monumental
College official Dean
London’s country (abbr.) Eng
Once more! Encore
Hindu garb Sari
Coastal birds Terns
Unpleasant Nasty
Run after Chase
United Allied
Phone company employee Operator
Embossed emblem Seal
Flaming Afire
Bangkok native Thai
Fireproof material Asbestos
Evaluators Raters
Dirt Earth
High-strung Tense
Lucifer Satan
Biblical locale Eden
Shudder Tremor
Sis’s counterpart Bro
Couturier Christian ____ Dior
Respect Admiration
Skin woe Acne
Lids Tops
Proportion Ratio
New Jersey team Nets
Greek god of love Eros
DVD player button Eject
Horse’s gait Trot


Clamorous Loud
Soothe Ease
Mets’ stadium Shea
Subway gate, e.g. Turnstile
More docile Tamer
Satiric Ironic
Extensive Long
Aussie creature Emu
Noblewoman Dame
Prom Dance
Performer Actor
Memorize Learn
Does nothing Idles
Go onstage Enter
Sailor’s yes Aye
Astronauts’ gp. Nasa
Tavern drinks Ales
Thick piece Slab
Lift Hoist
Tax mo. Apr
Soothsayer Seer
Computer fodder Data
Parking lot employee Attendant
At that time Then
Paddles Oars
____ and shine! Rise
Pro For
Spanish “mister” Senor
Lunched Ate
Brave Heroic
Declare State
Passion Ardor
Musical speed Tempo
Wrong Amiss
“____ disturb” (2 wds.) Donot
Seldom seen Rare
Chomp Bite
Froster Icer
Informed about Onto
Take it easy Rest
India’s ____ Mahal Taj
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