Star Tribune Crossword Answers August 05, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Boxing locale Arena
Billy ____ Goat
Slender Slim
Farm towers Silos
Initial stake Ante
Mideast bread Pita
Not appropriate Inapt
Tardy arriver Latecomer
Fall flowers Asters
Bodily structure Anatomy
Formerly named Nee
Belief in no god Atheism
Desire Yearn
Marry secretly Elope
Canine comments Arfs
Master Pro
Mature Ripen
Bridle straps Reins
WNW’s opposite Ese
Modify Amend
Military doctor Medic
Kind Ilk
Connecting words Ands
Laziness Sloth
____ bear Polar
Radiate Emanate
School gp. Pta
Cooking container Steamer
Diner patrons Eaters
Work together Cooperate
Eiffel Tower locale Paris
Prince Charles’s sister Anne
Revered one Idol
Upper crust Elite
Disorder Mess
Be abundant Teem
Leased again Relet


Japanese, e.g. Asian
Remove suds Rinse
Make jubilant Elate
Negative reply Nope
Off the path Astray
Four qts. Gal
“Snakes ____ Plane” (2 wds.) Ona
Reach Attain
Adolescents Teens
Blot Spot
Star’s car Limo
Ledger entry Item
____ Poppins Mary
Photographer’s need Camera
Dance move Step
Rabbitlike animal Hare
Wearing away Erosion
Peruvian capital Lima
Not shut Open
Remain undecided Pend
Goals Ends
Munitions Arms
Whirl Reel
Dog’s name Fido
Fit of anger Snit
Plot Scheme
She, in Valencia Ella
Actress ____ Winslet Kate
Formal procession Parade
The Grim ____ Reaper
Deserve Merit
Jeopardy Peril
Corny Trite
Item of value Asset
Sting Scam
Musical sound Tone
Eternities Eons
Primates Apes
Saga Tale
Baby’s “piggy” Toe
Stately tree Elm
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