Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 15, 2022

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Shoe fasteners Laces
Vocalist ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Small nail Brad
Proverb Adage
Origin Root
Icicle’s spot Eave
Homer Simpson’s wife Marge
Unrest Agitation
Revise Amend
Sub finder Sonar
Family mem. Sis
Christmas gifts Toys
Obstruct Impede
Deer Stag
Arms depot Arsenal
Strong wood Oak
Athletic group Team
Benefactor Donor
Lamb’s sound Bleat
Chafe Rub
Make up for Atone
Clean thoroughly Scrub
Once more Anew
Depot (abbr.) Sta
Twister Tornado
Halt Stop
“Scarface” gangster Capone
California wine valley Napa
Gone by Ago
Finance Endow
Author Oscar ____ Wilde
Turning point Milestone
Heavenly being Angel
Caribous’ kin Elks
Prayer close Amen
Downpours Rains
Jump Leap
“____ we forget” Lest
Please greatly Elate


Buddhist monk Lama
Eden man Adam
Custodian Caretaker
Christmas beverage Eggnog
Shabby Seedy
Historic periods Eras
Advertising symbol Logo
Cut of beef Loin
Achieve Attain
Wager Bet
Elevate Raise
Elude Avoid
Thick Dense
Fleet of warships Armada
Perched Sat
Plan Plot
Weeps convulsively Sobs
Powder mineral Talc
Showed again Reran
Finnish bath Sauna
Implant Embed
Longing for something past Nostalgia
On top of Onto
Harvest Reap
Car Auto
Certain steaks (hyph.) Tbones
Took the gold Won
Leased car Rental
Of the backbone Spinal
Desert beast Camel
Nimble Agile
____ dot Polka
Knowing Aware
Round roof Dome
Small bills Ones
Took off Went
Small depression Dent
Different Else
Psychic ability (abbr.) Esp
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