Star Tribune Crossword Answers January 24, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Tehran’s country Iran
Musical instrument Oboe
Fiddle’s kin Viola
Painter Salvador ____ Dali
Melon peel Rind
Irritated Irked
Very skinny Emaciated
Weird Eerie
Agree Assent
River sediment Silt
Mule’s father Ass
Gradual Slow
Ages and ages Eons
Flowering vine Wisteria
Straw hat Panama
Stop ____ dime (2 wds.) Ona
Chef’s units (abbr.) Tsps
Happy one Smiler
Rodents Rats
Road curve Ess
Flat cushions Pads
Hidden gunman Sniper
Flock members Ewes
____ de Janeiro Rio
Professor’s protection Tenure
Amulet Talisman
Steals from Robs
Bolivia’s neighbor Peru
Clairvoyant’s letters Esp
Facts Data
Of the mind Mental
Suspect’s story Alibi
South American country Argentina
Lucifer Satan
Horse strap Rein
Pub orders Ales
Guitar sound Twang
Speak wildly Rant
Politician ____ Gingrich Newt


Original thought Idea
Male sheep Rams
Woe is me! Alas
Most pleasing Nicest
Lecturers Orators
Morsel Bit
Singles Ones
Comedian ____ Murphy Eddie
Asian country Vietnam
Fury Ire
Gumbo ingredient Okra
Maui garlands Leis
Citrus drinks Ades
Narrow channel Inlet
Trims (off) Lops
Rub dry Wipe
Barbershop sound Snip
Poorest Worst
Silly Inane
Lustrous fabric Satin
Item of value Asset
Clock feature Alarm
Newspapers and TV, e.g. Media
Criminal burning Arson
Goad Spur
Barter Swap
Washing away Eroding
Singer ____ McEntire Reba
Helium, e.g. Element
Warning alarm Siren
____ lotion Suntan
Beatle Ringo ____ Starr
Bridge hand East
Cabbage dish Slaw
Mideast bread Pita
Range Area
Ceramic piece Tile
Afresh Anew
Final Last
Outlaw Ban
Card game Gin
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