Code Letter Crossword Answers January 22, 2023

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Crossword: by Gary M. Larson


Homer Simpson shout DOH
Weather map line ISOBAR
Went separate ways PARTED
Jamaican pop music SKA
“. . . __ he drove out of sight” ERE
Be generous DONATE
Help make possible ENABLE
Furnace fuel OIL
Gives up an effort FALLSBYTHEWAYSIDE
GI entertainment group USO
Utmost height ACME
Mandela’s native language XHOSA
Washer cycle PRERINSE
NY Mets’ division NLEAST
Goes (for) SELLS
Apprehension DREAD
Draw near GETCLOSE
“60 Minutes” reporter STAHL
Twine fiber SISAL
Annoy repeatedly HARASS
Expanse of land TRACT
S&L holding MTGE
Software download APP
Wastes time and energy futilely BAYSATTHEMOON
Monopolize HOG
Minimal musical groups DUOS
Serengeti scavengers HYENAS
Convention address KEYNOTE
“Are you in __?” OROUT
Puts forth, as force EXERTS
Shape of many a chalet AFRAME
Embossed art RELIEFS
Pulitzer composer Ned ROREM
Sunday shopping ban BLUELAW
Home-building bird NESTER
Kiribati’s capital TARAWA
Old-school “Cool!” NEATO
Some Louvre works RENOIRS
Subject to a fine, say PUNISH
Long haul TREK
“Barbary” beast APE
Watches films online STREAMSMOVIES
“ER” roles MDS
Guitar range BASS
Can’t help but HASTO
Provides new gear for REFITS
Bend forward and downward STOOP
Toy truck giant TONKA
Disposable injection units SYRETTES
Some rideshares UBERS
Seasonal songs NOELS
Top-speed run SPRINT
Defensive walls PARAPETS
Stuck together GLUED
Bring to ruin UNDO
Orbital path ARC
Starts moving in earnest SPRINGSINTOACTION
Tool and __ company DIE
Father of the Titans URANUS
Moon of Jupiter EUROPA
One in a flock EWE
__ in “Stockholm” SAS
Packing a punch POTENT
Gyrocompass inventor SPERRY
Blog feed format: Abbr. RSS


Render harmless DEFANG
Ancient prophet ORACLE
Passports, for short IDS
Cry audibly SOB
Cameo stone ONYX
Spot for a soak BATH
Dumas swordsman ATHOS
Hershey brand REESES
Fried rice morsel PEA
Your choice of ANY
Hoarse voice RASP
Air Force aerobat, familiarly TBIRD
Church dignitary ELDER
Some farm machines DEERES
Warns of danger SOUNDSTHEALARM
Warm greeting KISS
Natural balm ALOE
Remove by percolation, as soil LEACH
Creator of Mickey and Minnie WALT
“__ to please” IAIM
Hunk of bacon SLAB
Synagogue scroll TORAH
Backing for plaster LATH
Animated ogre SHREK
Suburban London county ESSEX
Metallic fabric LAME
In years past AGO
Chicken portion LEG
More reasonable SANER
Playfully evasive COY
Of sound quality TONAL
Accessorize ADORN
Blender setting PUREE
Combines several’s supplies POOLSRESOURCES
Divination deck TAROT
Sandal features TSTRAPS
Far from enjoyable NOFUN
Set of furniture SUITE
Armour’s Spam rival TREET
Freezing temperatures TEENS
Immunization fluid SERUM
Defeated in chess MATED
“Star Wars” series beasts EWOKS
Latte foam FROTH
Posh residence MANOR
Make more alkaline BASIFY
Bard’s title spouses WIVES
Tax-deferred plan IRA
Take a timeout REST
Kept secret SATON
Inheritors HEIRS
Workout target ABS
Butter portion PAT
A third of tri- MONO
Very short distance STEP
Japanese noodles SOBA
Swaggering walk STRUT
Invigorates PEPSUP
Brewery hardware KEGS
More microscopic TINIER
Funds long-term ENDOWS
Paving pieces STONES
Photocopy, for short REPRO
Fender guitar, for short STRAT
Stationer’s stock PADS
Contralto solo ARIA
__ qua non (essential thing) SINE
To be, to Henri ETRE
Cabinet cover DOOR
Convent member NUN
Big Ben clock setting: Abbr. GST
Visa statement abbr. APR
Caribbean isle CAY
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