Star Tribune Crossword Answers May 26, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Kingly Regal
Apex Acme
Tennis’s ____ Sampras Pete
Stadium Arena
Purple flower Iris
Fired Axed
Short skirts Minis
Renovating Restoring
Appears to be Seems
NNW’s opposite Sse
Well-groomed Natty
Purpose Aim
Horses’ gaits Trots
As a substitute Instead
Rope loops Nooses
Thick cord Rope
Box Crate
Calm Lull
Noshed Ate
Hearsay Rumor
Bride’s vow (2 wds.) Ido
Take care of Tend
Friend (Sp.) Amigo
Pace Step
Self-____ Esteem
Severe Austere
Stockholm native Swede
Terminal (abbr.) Sta
Slip-up Lapse
Kind Ilk
Of the city Urban
Amuse Entertain
Start of a Dickens title (2 wds.) Atale
Celebrity Star
Get ____ trouble Into
Put back to zero Reset
Experiment Test
Track competition Meet
Lock of hair Tress


Male sheep Rams
Pennsylvania port Erie
Heredity unit Gene
Make lively Animate
TV collie Lassie
Ventilates Airs
Wave top Crest
Tightwad Miser
Superlative suffix Est
Umbrella Parasol
Outlet Exit
Camp shelter Tent
Uneasy Edgy
Wise about Onto
Yarn craft Macrame
Oppressive Onerous
Incensed Irate
Musical tones Notes
Used money Spent
Snare ____ Drum
Group of rooms Suite
Senior Elder
Incline Slope
French pal Ami
Dress for Caesar Toga
Meal ender Dessert
Appetizer Starter
Wide-spouted pitcher Ewer
Mouse ____ Little Stuart
Journalist ____ Sawyer Diane
Upper crust Elite
For fear that Lest
Poker bet Ante
School orgs. Ptas
Tie Knot
Foundation Base
Pub brews Ales
New Jersey team Nets
Actor ____ Allen Tim
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