Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 27, 2021

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


____ eclipse Solar
Con game Scam
Very inquisitive Nosy
Got out of bed Arose
Angel’s aura Halo
Great Lake Erie
Quiz choice False
Within Amid
Lincoln and Vigoda Abes
Comic ____ DeGeneres Ellen
Open to ideas Receptive
Paper fastener Staple
Stakes Antes
Make less tight Loosen
Right you ____! Are
Swiss peak Alp
The Grim ____ Reaper
Heavenly light Star
New York baseball team Mets
Bogged down Mired
Fodder tower Silo
Bartlett’s kin Bosc
Pressed Ironed
Head movement Nod
NBC’s rival Abc
Nullify Negate
Socrates’ student Plato
Mob scene participant Rioter
Renovating Restoring
Pares Peels
Lighten Ease
Face shape Oval
Spooky Eerie
Eternally Ever
Lion’s hair Mane
Meager Scant
Seines Nets
Begged Pled
Experiments Tests


Umpire’s call Safe
Unwritten Oral
Recline lazily Loll
Evaluate Assess
Go back in Reenter
Musical symbol Sharp
Desert beast Camel
Wonderland girl Alice
Method Mode
Tidiness Neatness
Planet’s path Orbit
Strainer Sieve
Positive answers Yeses
Golf norm Par
Weak Anemic
Baby sheep Lamb
Bread spread Oleo
Selects Opts
Eager Ardent
Breathable stuff Air
Paid athlete Pro
Still, poetically Een
Vocalist ____ Turner Tina
Thanks ____! (2 wds.) Alot
Went by horse Rode
Disperses Scatters
Most profound Deepest
Ghost’s shout Boo
Athens’ country Greece
Primp Preen
Depart Leave
Desirable quality Asset
Competitor Rival
Foolish Inane
Eyed flirtatiously Ogled
Frolic Romp
Historic times Eras
Dryer residue Lint
Solidifies Sets
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