Star Tribune Crossword Answers October 25, 2023

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Author: Boatload Puzzles


Rot Spoil
New York stadium Shea
Canyon sound Echo
Syrup tree Maple
Scientist ____ Sagan Carl
Wreck Ruin
Track shapes Ovals
Ready for use Available
Hair goo Gel
Identical Same
Artists’ stands Easels
Aid Help
“The Diary of ____ Frank” Anne
Possible Potential
Roberts and Clapton Erics
Reluctant Averse
Had more points Led
Forty winks Nap
Nevada town Reno
Salary boost Raise
____ Moore of “Indecent Proposal” Demi
Tax agcy. Irs
Bro, e.g. Sib
Ralph ____ of fashion Lauren
Stainless ____ Steel
Christmas doorway decoration Mistletoe
Disappointed shout Nuts
Animator Disney Walt
Infant’s toy Rattle
Military cafeteria Mess
Foil metal Tin
Not kin Unrelated
Poke fun at Tease
Recipe verb Stir
Coal source Mine
Zodiac ram Aries
Chef’s units (abbr.) Tsps
Rotated Spun
Leased again Relet


Pollution problem Smog
Do roadwork Pave
October’s stone Opal
Under the weather Ill
Reduces Lessens
Large shrimp Scampi
Own Have
Notable period Era
E.T., e.g. Alien
Pencil end Eraser
Six-sided object Cube
Mound Hill
Individuals Ones
Highway division Lane
Changes Alters
Superman, e.g. Hero
Tavern orders Ales
Eiffel Tower locale Paris
Open to view Overt
Keyed up Tense
Defendant’s offering Alibi
Sluggish Inert
Carved gem Cameo
Backbone Spine
River mouths Deltas
Intentions Aims
Song for two Duet
Sports VIP (hyph.) Allstar
Comes in Enters
Soothe Lull
Stockholm’s country Sweden
Athletic groups Teams
Iron oxide Rust
Picnic visitors Ants
Journey Trip
Waiter’s handout Menu
Kite part Tail
Enlightened one’s words (2 wds.) Isee
Avian dwelling Nest
Topple Tip
Lyrical “before” Ere
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