The Independent Crossword Answers February 24, 2021

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Belonging to group of atoms not involving carbon, primarily – which includes gold INORGANIC
How to raise the temperature of that girl Erica? HEATHER
Dog collars left for newcomer SETTLER
American engineering technician shakes around Air Force staff DRAFTSMAN
Hobbyist banishes depression, becoming reader in church LECTOR
Piece of shiny material to stretch across broken leg SPANGLE
Characteristic counter-culture followed by European country, but not Norway TRADEMARK
Careful mother not starting to drink red wine ATTENTIVE
Papa gets nappy the wrong way round, with discharge already settled PREPAID
Still show resistance for second time ATREST
Perhaps snail trail is back, inspiring a tantrum GASTROPOD
Fish tanks, for example, moved away from highly corrosive liquid AQUARIA
See unit refurbished as part of a set ENSUITE
Socialite teed off about Asian country deporting Henry DEBUTANTE


To shield at home, you texted boring schedule INSULATE
Frequently remove roof from top of house OFT
Ran opinion piece supporting hostility GALLOPED
Obsessive type blocks inner demons NERD
Humble lady follows men taking drug, being a skinflint CHEAPSKATE
Snare leader of party to leave same statement repeatedly MANTRA
Cost to protect new member of royal family PRINCE
Goes home in pants to make uniform HOMOGENISE
More than one singer seeks to cover quirky tune CHANTEUSES
Reproduced entertaining Russian car, power unsuited to modern needs MALADAPTED
Teach that curt, snide characters are shown up INSTRUCT
Foolishly, we have case of tequila in unusually warm weather HEATWAVE
Fake member of parliament initially says Latin must be included PEGLEG
A legal right to get expert ADROIT
Smear name around America DAUB
Organise dried fruit to be peeled RUN
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