The Independent Crossword Answers January 10, 2022

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It reproduces music from short film about Returning Officers’ credentials COMPACTDISC
The little devil in Kim Philby IMP
Smart con STING
Battle upset Bacall and Gardner BALACLAVA
Originally Utah Saints to perform outside room – creating event in the desert? DUSTSTORM
Without any covers, band aimed for cartoon style ANIME
Supply steroid – must get charged SORTIED
Summit in capital following Conservative vote CLIMAX
Broadcast which group of islands is on course HAGGIS
Hoy cycled after great sporting cry TALLYHO
Work satisfied over rate TEMPO
Accept too readily, obvious sign of age OVERTRUST
Position from health professional – with temperature, use Celsius/Kelvin instead of Fahrenheit MIDWICKET
Shadow Chancellor finally visiting Mumbai’s content UMBRA
European artist’s time ERA
Grandpa’s prepared to swallow pill and somehow try to make do with fresh air? GARDENPARTY


Where to pay VAT without initially having done enough sales CASHDESK
Marmite’s made in a compound say, BBC, Independent etc MAINSTREAMMEDIA
Occasionally, cadet soldiers provide protection AEGIS
Volunteers burst boil over bit of dirty paper TABLOID
Type of calendar, found, counting backwards in hexadecimal/sixteens ISLAMIC
Price maybe accepted by heads of Champions League holding up business for winger? COCKATIEL
Curiously Gary Numan and I get honour right after Independent and i IMAGINARYNUMBER
Unsettled by silly grin getting under one’s skin INGROWING
Cantankerous Hawtrey’s essence invested in Carry On Abroad CONTRARY
Game’s purer when Oklahoma knocks out Wisconsin SNOOKER
Part of showbiz article describing ex-actor’s odd parts THEATRE
My site ruined 18 STYMIE
Upstage 18, 8 TRUMP
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