The Independent Crossword Answers May 15, 2024

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Below are The Independent Cryptic May 15, 2024 Crossword Answers. We have changed the way we posting answers and solutions for clues; instead of opening them in a new page we are revealing answers and solutions in the same page. This is the simplest way for you to find the answers. As you see in the left side are crossword clues and in the right side are crossword answers.


Sensible mother taking time away from routine MATTEROFFACT
Entertaining woman shows not all marriage is happy GEISHA
Soldier cage fighting punches American flat COMMANDO
Two small pieces of fruit for auditor’s vitamin deficiency BERIBERI
Container with two lids? HATBOX
Bath perhaps is no longer hot WASH
Empty manhole opening behind Charlie, a long way MEGAPARSEC
Rich area wants horrible stink gone by November KENSINGTON
Utensil for wiping yard down MOPY
Traitor with relaxed manner heading for lunch WEASEL
Louvre architect designed Ringo’s dressing gown PEIGNOIR
Cool at one, change clothes PATIENCE
Travelling bride perhaps on top of the world heading west ELOPER
Beloved writer isn’t in room or elsewhere TONIMORRISON


Top scorer I see score at Christmas MESSIAH
Jazz means improvised sparks, perhaps TRADESMAN
Attractive topless picture offered suggestively ETCHING
Enthusiasm raised low bar OOMPH
Become less wrinkly FLATTER
Fish to be paid for at the door? COD
African’s visit blocked by northeast winds SENEGALESE
Moving pre-divorce not worth it OVERPRICED
Swans crossing river, son out of bread PENNILESS
It’s like carpaccio, Italian agreed, eating a thin strip SASHIMI
Premier with dress, what we remember May for? TOPGEAR
Heavy weather made of first day at work before long MONSOON
Fast finish for concerto’s slow movement LENTO
American shot past AGO
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