NetWord Crossword Answers May 13, 2024

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Author: by Doug Peterson


Start to shed tears WEEP
Temporary craze FAD
Declare with confidence ASSERT
Sense of self EGO
Appliances with burners STOVES
Rooftop tiles SHINGLES
Capital of Montana HELENA
Stew-cooking vessel POT
Read between the __ LINES
__ and rave (show anger) RANT
Desire to have WANT
Warning signals ALERTS
The things here THESE
Spherical ice cream utensil SCOOP
Operatic solos ARIAS
Organs for listening EARS
Any assistant AIDE
Corrode, as iron RUST
Shouts out CRIES
Person, place, or thing NOUN
Mosquito net material MESH
Had in your hand HELD
Did some stitching SEWED
Long heroic stories EPICS
Book of maps ATLAS
Book with a movie’s lines SCRIPT
Metallic rocks ORES
Bat’s underground home CAVE
Burn slightly SINGE
Space aliens: Abbr. ETS
Yellow songbird CANARY
Rooftop window SKYLIGHT
Strut like a steed PRANCE
Slippery as an __ EEL
Water, in Spanish AGUA
Snoozing ASLEEP
What a contact lens covers EYE
Fond of snooping NOSY


Insect that stings WASP
Bounce back, as a sound ECHO
Give off, as heat EMIT
Writing utensil PEN
Tiger or jaguar FELINE
Actor’s negotiator AGENT
Amount of medicine to take DOSE
Fireplace residue ASH
Two-speaker sound system STEREO
Rooftop energy sources SOLARPANELS
Any noteworthy occasion EVENT
Payments to landlords RENTS
Airport screening group: Abbr. TSA
Windshield material GLASS
Rooftop wind-direction device WEATHERVANE
At a __ for words (speechless) LOSS
Factually correct TRUE
Snake’s sound HISS
Starts a sea voyage SAILS
Shirtsleeve insert ARM
Builds, as a building ERECTS
Des Moines’ state IOWA
Club membership fees DUES
Conclusion END
Poker table token CHIP
“Stainless” metal STEEL
Make a hole in PIERCE
Diamond-shaped sock pattern ARGYLE
Lasting marks SCARS
Artificial waterway CANAL
Musically accurate ONKEY
“It makes sense now” ISEE
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Therefore THUS
Hang around STAY
Tax law expert: Abbr. CPA
Informal okay YEP
Fleming who created James Bond IAN
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