The Sun Crossword Answers January 18, 2019

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Attribute to Brescia schooling ASCRIBE
Up and about in Sarawak eventually AWAKE
Female is not in swoon FAINT
Satanic sort enters, wickedly seizing power SERPENT
Religious leader in AA amid all chaos DALAILAMA
Some press a claim for bag SAC
Little man left with first couple to escape LES
Piano Caroline plays in China PORCELAIN
Bird, abandoning lake, with fixed gaze STARING
Energy used in vehicles causes worries CARES
Island nation — it’s secured by endless locks HAITI
EU acted to build train EDUCATE
Impute to ASCRIBE
Conscious AWAKE
Barely perceptible FAINT
Large snake SERPENT
Exiled Tibetan cleric DALAILAMA
Anatomical pouch SAC
Shortened male name LES
Fine pottery PORCELAIN
Shows concern CARES
Caribbean republic HAITI
Instruct EDUCATE


Top removed, notice, in climbing flower DAFFODIL
Pains restricting sick Greek hero ACHILLES
Punch is tucked inside front covers FIST
Waters that had big part in Bible? REDSEA
Bearing cost of transport CARRIAGE
Prepare some korma kebabs MAKE
Man wants information on time GENT
Understood I am parking legally IMPLICIT
Bear swimming into channel for food SEABREAM
Box in crates rattled CANISTER
Maybe dagger with irregular edge? RAGGED
Very hard to get round London area SOHO
Help to cross river that’s dry ARID
Hint: this is one! CLUE
Yellow flower DAFFODIL
Hero of the Iliad ACHILLES
Clenched hand FIST
Suez Canal outlet REDSEA
Deportment CARRIAGE
Refined male GENT
Marine fish SEABREAM
Container CANISTER
Tattered RAGGED
West End district SOHO
Barren ARID
Pointer CLUE
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