Puzzle Society Crossword Answers January 18, 2019

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Crossword: by Jake Halperin


Home, in Rome CASA
Spanish request for a kiss BESAME
Soybean holder POD
Needs to repay OWES
Key with four flats FMINOR
Peyton Manning’s brother ELI
Bookie’s scam MATCHFIXING
“To a …” poem ODE
How aircraft carriers travel BYSEA
“Fewer personal details, pls” TMI
Show anger, cat-style SPIT
Be a deciding factor TIPTHESCALES
Special anniversary JUBILEE
Mister Ed’s Mrs. Right, e.g. MARE
Heroic story EPIC
Hungarian’s neighbor SERB
Rummage (through) RIFLE
NASCAR additive STP
Lose concentration ZONEOUT
Rowboat need OAR
“Me too” SOAMI
Air impurifier SMOG
Millennial’s exclusion anxiety FOMO
Actress Hayworth RITA
Hints at, with “to” ALLUDES
Newcomers in an area minus those leaving NETMIGRATION
Garfield’s foil ODIE
Enable LET
South American range ANDES
QBs’ successes TDS
Motto for the cautious, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 23-, 39-, and 50-Across SAFETYFIRST
Black ops org. CIA
Palm line CREASE
Simplicity EASE
Rooster’s mate HEN
Comic character Pee-wee HERMAN
Sign on a school bus STOP


Groomer’s tool COMB
Up, up and ___ AWAY
Schedules, as an alarm SETS
Hardly self-indulgent ASCETIC
Bud for life BFF
Broken-up British label EMI
Half of a third SIXTH
Japanese cartoon style ANIME
Philosophy of oneness MONISM
Work unit ERG
Dog bowl rarity PEOPLEFOOD
Any Beatles song, now OLDIE
Cuts back on carbs, say DIETS
Signal, as a cab HAIL
Draped Indian garment SARI
Argentinian coin PESO
WWI decade TEENS
Luggage vehicle CART
Zooey’s “New Girl” role JESS
No more than UPTO
Supported by both sides BIPARTISAN
Dream sleep letters REM
Heckle, in a way BOOAT
Injured, as a leg LAME
Wielder of love arrows EROS
Hollow pasta ZITI
Lumpy citrus UGLI
Silent performer MIME
Comic strips FUNNIES
Blindingly bright AGLARE
Pumpernickel purchase LOAF
iPhone XS screen feature NOTCH
Oscar winner Redmayne EDDIE
Send to a specialist REFER
Starting squad ATEAM
“Darn!” DRAT
Edmonton gas brand ESSO
Dance move STEP
Stanford, e.g.: Abbr. SCH
Org. concerned with air bags? TSA
Kyoto coin YEN
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