The Sun Crossword Answers January 22, 2023

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Below are The Sun 2 Speed January 22, 2023 Crossword Answers. We have changed the way we posting answers and solutions for clues; instead of opening them in a new page we are revealing answers and solutions in the same page. This is the simplest way for you to find the answers. As you see in the left side are crossword clues and in the right side are crossword answers.


Prisoner leaving solid Greek location CRETE
Screen for accused’s testimony DEFENCE
One head boxing students for disorder ILLNESS
Present in box Charlie missed OFFER
Be horribly rugged: allow unwillingly BEGRUDGE
Ptolemy thus holds false notion MYTH
One owes money due but with order empty DEBTOR
Warning shout about old city in uproar FURORE
Bank charge brought back after resistance REEF
Lacking aim in 0-0? GOALLESS
Island boy pens one war story ILIAD
Slow to contain river in loo LATRINE
Chaos with left and right could be academic SCHOLAR
Microwaved, or devastatingly attacked? NUKED
Mediterranean island CRETE
Protection DEFENCE
Complaint or disease ILLNESS
Bid or proposal OFFER
Allow with regret BEGRUDGE
Fiction MYTH
One in the red DEBTOR
Commotion FURORE
Coral ridge REEF
Having no score GOALLESS
Homeric epic ILIAD
Camp convenience LATRINE
Intellectual SCHOLAR
Destroyed by WMD NUKED


Ascended with hundred legs? CLIMBED
Fish skin, but no head EEL
Willing participant? EXECUTOR
Good to stop terribly snide plan DESIGN
Sweet idiot FOOL
Restricted area sprayed with insecticide? NOFLYZONE
Scarcity sees 500 leaving planet EARTH
Flipping big herb is cooked for cobblers GIBBERISH
Slug in news report BULLETIN
Senate rebuilt delta and docks area EASTEND
Tough old bird that keeps house warm BOILER
Might they be Arab controllers? REINS
Hero not busy when speaking IDOL
Tattoo liquid popular with king INK
Evasive person EEL
One dealing with will EXECUTOR
Blueprint DESIGN
Jester FOOL
Forbidden airspace NOFLYZONE
Our world EARTH
Short public statement BULLETIN
London district EASTEND
Water heater BOILER
Equine control straps REINS
Graven image IDOL
Writing fluid INK
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